Headed towards back to the basics living.

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living green: Trash to Treasure

With having to get up so early these days to unpack after our recent move to the country, I actually managed to watch a little TV with DH this morning. So glad I did. I found inspiration! The Today Show on NBC did a piece on this amazing builder in Nashville, Tx. He takes things that others would just throw away and uses them to build affordable housing for those in need. I must stay he does it with a lot of style too. And no two houses are just alike. I especially loved the roof made out of old license plates. I have seen so many of those on old cars, in people’s houses, and to be honest I think DH and I have a few out in our garage. I can just imagine how much less would go to landfills if everybody found a way to do something like this or if more builders used materials the way this guy did! Honestly, I think it’s brilliant! This is the stuff that really gets me going! (Well necessity isn’t too bad of a motivator either!)


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living green: Rental Goats

Imagine 2 acres of this stuff!

My husband and I have been on the hunt for a new place for a couple of months now. We finally found the perfect place-in our budget, awesome location (OMG-it’s near the HGTV 2010 Dream Home!!! I’m still in shock),and the house has just so many features we’ve been looking for. What does all this have to do with rental goats you say? Well the property is approximately 2 acres and when we went and looked at it the entire property was covered in 5 foot high tumbleweeds and goat head stickers (i.e. BIG PROJECT, not to mention pain with every step).

So what to do, what to do? My first reaction was that we will either need to hire someone to come mow it all ($$$) or buy a mower ourselves (still pretty expensive even over the long haul). But as I was randomly surfing the web the other day I came across this article about rental goats. Seriously, sometimes the best answer is the simplest! It seems like everybody wins in this situation. The brush, which is a fire just waiting to happen, gets cleared in a nice earth friendly way and the goats get a free meal.¬† Love it! Gonna have to see which of my new neighbors has a hungry goat! Hi, I’m your brand new neighbor! I know you don’t know me from Adam, but do you have a goat I can borrrow? Does that make me sound too weird?!

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living green: Leftover Hydro

I’m a believer that so many things we never think twice about definitely NEED a second look to see how they can become greener. Many times it’s something so simple. For instance, a glass of water is one of my permanent accessories. The only problem? My drinking glasses are mostly a matched set. I have a really bad habit of drinking about 3/4 of the water, getting distracted by some project or housework that needs attending to and then walking off and leaving the water glass. Then I come round later in the day or later in the week¬† and find I have about half a dozen partially filled glasses of water.

Shamefully, in the past I have just been tossing these perfectly fine “leftovers” down the sink. I’ve come up with two ideas to help stop my water waste. First I’ve started marking my glass for the day. For instructions on making the ones pictured,click here. Second, I’m going to start watering my windowsill plants with the “leftovers.” Is there anything that you’ve previously taken for granted (like me and my water glasses) that you’ve “rethunk” and made less wasteful and more green?


First Steps


Many small steps can still take you places.

Since this is my first post I’ve been trying to think of something really big and great and eye catching which has lead to much procrastination and tossing jumbled ideas round and round my brain.

But as I was burying myself beneath the covers this morning praying the heater would kick on (it’s finally fall here in the southwest and freezing-brrr!!!),it occurred to me that perhaps the same sort of thing happens to some people (namely me) when they are thinking of trying to live a more green and sustainable life. We all hear about “going green” and “better for the environment” and frankly they all just kind of start to sound cliche and unreachable. After you hear something so often you start to tune it out, especially when the project seems insurmountable or out of reach (at least according to my former psych professor). And of course, there is so much information out there it’s really hard to know what is actually the right thing to do sometimes, which leads us back to doing nothing. Case in point, I’ve been trying to write this first post for two weeks. But it’s like I always tell DH about getting up in the morning, “It’s always making that’s first movement that’s the hardest ,but once you get going you realize it’s not that hard.” I think my old high school science teacher would call it inertia. I call it God helping those who help themselves.Have you taken any new green steps lately? Would love to hear about them.