Headed towards back to the basics living.

First Steps



Many small steps can still take you places.

Since this is my first post I’ve been trying to think of something really big and great and eye catching which has lead to much procrastination and tossing jumbled ideas round and round my brain.

But as I was burying myself beneath the covers this morning praying the heater would kick on (it’s finally fall here in the southwest and freezing-brrr!!!),it occurred to me that perhaps the same sort of thing happens to some people (namely me) when they are thinking of trying to live a more green and sustainable life. We all hear about “going green” and “better for the environment” and frankly they all just kind of start to sound cliche and unreachable. After you hear something so often you start to tune it out, especially when the project seems insurmountable or out of reach (at least according to my former psych professor). And of course, there is so much information out there it’s really hard to know what is actually the right thing to do sometimes, which leads us back to doing nothing. Case in point, I’ve been trying to write this first post for two weeks. But it’s like I always tell DH about getting up in the morning, “It’s always making that’s first movement that’s the hardest ,but once you get going you realize it’s not that hard.” I think my old high school science teacher would call it inertia. I call it God helping those who help themselves.Have you taken any new green steps lately? Would love to hear about them.

3 thoughts on “First Steps

  1. I started with baggies. Yep, I’m a baggie washer:) Then it was vinegar and baking soda for cleaning, cloth grocery bags and composting for the garden. I’m really starting to love the sustainable lifestyle. We started out of necessity ($ don’t you know!) but it’s made us responsible for our time and resources. Our G-d given responsibilities…..

    • That’ so awesome you’re a baggie washer-I’ve been really trying to get there but struggling with the discipline of it. How do you dry them? I am a big fan of baking soda and vinegar too. Magic stuff! Planning on starting a compost bin in the spring-once we finally thaw out a bit here! We need to trade ideas sometime! That’s one of my fave parts about blogging-is just the sharing of ideas and inspiration I’ve got from different blogs. It’s a whole community out there!

      • We always seem to have an abundance of cups so I just pop them over those or even my big spoons to dry. I don’t wash sandwich size. They’re just too flimsy. And never keep any that have had raw meat in them. I’ve been trying to save foil too, but don’t do it often enough. We don’t use much anyway, but I’m trying!

        I love the paper towel idea. I rarely buy them. I’m a big fan of terry cloth towels. My dad gave me his old robe and I’m going to recycle it into wrags and towels. I want to make a bunch of cloth napkins too. This is so awesome to share these ideas. I’ve thought about blogging, but don’t know where to find the time right now. I don’t really know anyone else who’s “into” being eco-friendly and frugal. Glad it’s one of “the girls” I can share with!!


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