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living green: Leftover Hydro

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I’m a believer that so many things we never think twice about definitely NEED a second look to see how they can become greener. Many times it’s something so simple. For instance, a glass of water is one of my permanent accessories. The only problem? My drinking glasses are mostly a matched set. I have a really bad habit of drinking about 3/4 of the water, getting distracted by some project or housework that needs attending to and then walking off and leaving the water glass. Then I come round later in the day or later in the week  and find I have about half a dozen partially filled glasses of water.

Shamefully, in the past I have just been tossing these perfectly fine “leftovers” down the sink. I’ve come up with two ideas to help stop my water waste. First I’ve started marking my glass for the day. For instructions on making the ones pictured,click here. Second, I’m going to start watering my windowsill plants with the “leftovers.” Is there anything that you’ve previously taken for granted (like me and my water glasses) that you’ve “rethunk” and made less wasteful and more green?


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