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living green: Rental Goats

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Imagine 2 acres of this stuff!

My husband and I have been on the hunt for a new place for a couple of months now. We finally found the perfect place-in our budget, awesome location (OMG-it’s near the HGTV 2010 Dream Home!!! I’m still in shock),and the house has just so many features we’ve been looking for. What does all this have to do with rental goats you say? Well the property is approximately 2 acres and when we went and looked at it the entire property was covered in 5 foot high tumbleweeds and goat head stickers (i.e. BIG PROJECT, not to mention pain with every step).

So what to do, what to do? My first reaction was that we will either need to hire someone to come mow it all ($$$) or buy a mower ourselves (still pretty expensive even over the long haul). But as I was randomly surfing the web the other day I came across this article about rental goats. Seriously, sometimes the best answer is the simplest! It seems like everybody wins in this situation. The brush, which is a fire just waiting to happen, gets cleared in a nice earth friendly way and the goats get a free meal.  Love it! Gonna have to see which of my new neighbors has a hungry goat! Hi, I’m your brand new neighbor! I know you don’t know me from Adam, but do you have a goat I can borrrow? Does that make me sound too weird?!

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