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living green: Trash to Treasure

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With having to get up so early these days to unpack after our recent move to the country, I actually managed to watch a little TV with DH this morning. So glad I did. I found inspiration! The Today Show on NBC did a piece on this amazing builder in Nashville, Tx. He takes things that others would just throw away and uses them to build affordable housing for those in need. I must stay he does it with a lot of style too. And no two houses are just alike. I especially loved the roof made out of old license plates. I have seen so many of those on old cars, in people’s houses, and to be honest I think DH and I have a few out in our garage. I can just imagine how much less would go to landfills if everybody found a way to do something like this or if more builders used materials the way this guy did! Honestly, I think it’s brilliant! This is the stuff that really gets me going! (Well necessity isn’t too bad of a motivator either!)

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