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Living Green:People Towels

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I’m on my very last roll of paper towels…ever, if I get my say so in the matter.  Over the last couple of years I’ve slowly been trying to make the switch in our household from paper products to reusable, sustainable ones. First came the switch from paper plates on an everyday basis to only reusable dinnerware.

So the next big thing on my list is the ol’ switcheroo of paper towels to reusable ones ONLY.   I’m stretching them as far as I can and now the picture at the left shows you just how few are left in my stash. I’ll be honest, I’ve been contemplating  getting some more-they really seem so convenient sometimes.  But then I saw these People Towels and I was re-inspired to completely drop the roll of paper towels and run away!!! (=

People Towels focus mostly on paper towel usage in  public restrooms like at work or a restaurant. Anywhere that you’ve seen and heard that all familiar  raipid “clang, clang”  followed by a ripping sound is a place you could use a People Towel instead of  a tree. I just love this idea, its something I had never thought of before. These towels are just so cute I would love to have some. Made of 100% organic, fair trade cotton, they offer several designs that clearly spell out the message and will probably be seen by dozens of people everytime they are used and help to get the message spread (a good reason to buy these particular ones if you can).

According to the promoters of the product, over 3,000 tons of paper towel waste is produced in the US alone, everyday. I don’t doubt these statistics. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if its not actually higher. It’s so easy to think “Oh I just need MY  towel a little bit longer to make sure my hands get dry.” I watch people do it all the time and am quite guilty of it myself.

Now if your a little strapped for cash after the holidays like me, then the $8 price tag just might deter you. BUT I propose an alternative that can get the job done and still support the concept behind People Towels. And isn’t that the idea anyways?  Just take some small towels that you have at home and  carry them with you. On your way out the door grab your reusable water bottle and grocery bags (you’ve got those right???) and toss in a couple of hand towels and wa-la! Problem solved and you’ve managed to be kinder to mother earth. Now, green planet superheroes-onto to solve world peace and world hunger. Small tasks for our green minded selves, right?!?


One thought on “Living Green:People Towels

  1. Thanks so much spreading the word! If you’re interested in an inexpensive way to give a gift for Valentine’s Day to eco-conscious friends and family, there’s a special Valentine’s Day Promotion: 3 “For the Love of the Earth” towels for $18.00 (normally $21). Starts Jan. 25th.

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