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Living Green: All Natural (and affordable) Cleaner Combo


Look for a cheaper alternative to antibacterial wipes and harsh bleach? Just  two products can get rid of many harsh and expensive products you might have thought you needed to keep you safe. Bear with me here I’m really not going to sell you on brand-name super expensive products-promise. I’m guessing, you’ve probably already got these two items I’m referring to in your house. And I bet you didn’t realize their full potential. I didn’t for a long time. Figured it out yet? It’s Vinegar and….hydrogen peroxide. Yep.

I think a lot of  people are aware of how great vinegar is. If you’re not, please, let me enlighten you.Vinegar is a natural product with anti-bacterial properties and it’s sold super cheap.  You can use vinegar all over your house. Some people are a bit offended by the smell but actually once it dries the smell goes away.

Now, hydrogen peroxide as a household cleaner was a new fangled concept to me about 6 months ago until I read  “Organic Housekeeping” by Ellen Sandenbeck. If you get the chance to get your hands on a copy I recommend it. It’s got lots of information and ideas for a beautiful, natural, organized household-now putting them into action well that’s beyond the books capabilities. Anyhoo, I digress. Ahem, hydrogen peroxide is actually produced by your body thus making it a natural (to us) product. It too is known for its antibacterial properties. You know it’s working because when it kills the germs it does the little bubbly thing (for lack of a technical term). Make sure you keep it in a dark opaque bottle because it breaks down in sunlight.

So, you combine these two natural (and affordable) products and you’ve got yourself some pretty powerful and versatile stuff. The concept is basically the same when you use them together. Just spray one after the other. The order they you spray them in makes no difference. No rinsing necessary-they’re natural!  Keep in mind if the hydrogen peroxide  is still bubbling then it’s not done working. Keep spraying more hydrogen peroxide until it doesn’t bubble anymore.

Here’s a few of my favorite uses for these two items in combo:

1. As a sanitizer for kitchen countertops. I think this is my favorite use just because this knowledge has saved me so much money. I consider myself somewhat of a germaphobe and prior to using this technique I bought those big tubs of anti-bacterial wipes. Hello, can you save expensive? And all that waste was going in the landfill!  Now I use this 1-2 combo and then let the mix evaporate. No rinsing is necessary.  A word of caution if you have any of the popular natural stone countertops: Check a small area first to see for yourself how it reacts and I would probably go ahead and rinse with water after using this technique. Natural stones are a bit more sensitive than a typical laminate countertop like I have.

2. As a Fruit ‘n Veggie wash. Have you ever noticed that nasty waxy coating that leaves a weird taste in your mouth when you bite into an apple or a grape you just thought you had thoroughly washed? Yeah, kinda ruins the fruit high. Well, now you can just thoroughly spray the produce with the aforementioned combo and  let it sit for a minute or two.  Followed with a rinse of water. No more waxy coating or bacteria  (like E. coli)! Ha! Seriously I enjoy fresh produce so much more.

3. As a meat wash. I just wrote a post  about some of the controversy going on in our food production system in america. If you spray your meat (such as chicken, beef, pork,etc) with this 1-2 combo it helps to kill any harmful germs/bacteria that may be residing on your meat. I suppose it’s not 100% full proof  but hey c’mon-I’ll take a little bit of extra insurance any day of the week, ya know? No rinsing needed here either. I have used this in place of nasty nostril flaring bleach for the last  9 months anytime I cook meat and we are still here alive and well to tell the this beautiful tale. I just spray the meat, the utensils used, and any countertops the meat or juice comes in contact where I would have previously used bleach. It’s great-no worrying about using around pets or kids-it’s natural! Awesome!

Got any other ideas for this stuff? Or other combinations of natural ingredients you love? Would love to hear them!


2 thoughts on “Living Green: All Natural (and affordable) Cleaner Combo

  1. Nice post! The vinegar I use, as you know. I’ve heard about the peroxide before, but never used it. Now that I have these awesome ideas I will try it!

    Here’s another one to try: mix enough dish soap with baking soda to form a paste. Use on the greasy buildup on your kithchen cabinets and range hood. Rinse with clean, wet cloth. Also good for bathrooms and any other grimy areas. It can leave a film so check to see if it needs a rinse.

    Just wanted to say that I’m curious to watch the film on meat, but am still trying to get my courage up! Will let you know….

    (Oh, btw, going to email you some links to sites you might enjoy if you haven’t checked them out already.)


    • I’m glad you liked the vinegar/peroxide ideas (= I am so going to try the dish soap/baking soda today when I clean my stove-I’ve been putting it off because my results are never as successful as I think they should be-excited for a new idea! And you should watch the film-it just really makes you think! Curious about the links I’m always up for new info (=

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