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Drumroll Please…..


Oh baby-it’s a baby! A wonderful bouncing, giggling, chubby cheeked little blessing from heaven has found itself headed our way after much ado. And we couldn’t be more excited or more thankful! I had my first ob visit today-it was filled with relief. Relief that everything is going just the way it should be. I don’t remember the last time I was so excited and yet so worried at the same time!

As I write this I find my mind going rather blank, surprisingly. I always thought when the time came I would just be bursting with emotion and words but I find myself rather solemn and just thankful. Thankful for the gift I know I have been given. A gift I wasn’t sure was ever going to grace my doorstep in all honesty. (I’d like to say that having my first child at 30 was exactly how we planned it-but that would be stretching the truth to say the least.) Now that the time is here I just couldn’t be happier-okay, I’m guessing I can be-like say when the little one pops out sometime in the fall and I get to hold him (yes I’ve decided it’s a boy, DH is convinced it’s a girl) or the first time he smiles at me. Aaawwww, I can’t wait!!!!! Where are my kleenex (ahem, my sustainable one-time use hankies)? Yipee!


16 thoughts on “Drumroll Please…..

  1. Oh Rachel! We are so, so, so excited about the baby! You and Joey are going to be such great and fun parents. We can’t wait! I love your blogs! I didn’t know you were doing this. It’s great! I have a question, though. Who is DH??? Darling Husband??? haha! I love you Rachel! My grandbaby couldn’t ask for a better mommy!! I’ll keep an eye on your blog page to see how things are going!

    • Karen, thank you so much!!! And we are REALLY excited too! It’s going to be so much fun getting to bring him (or her) to visit you guys and have you guys come up and stay! I just had to start blogging about it because it was consuming the larger part of my brain and was having trouble focusing on anything else because I kept wanting to share it on here. I’m hoping to put a few updates and just all different baby/kid related things -it would be hard not blog about it I think! Love you lots-and I hope you’re starting to feel better!

  2. Congrats!!! That must have been the Grandmas I heard hollering “Hooray” this week!! I’m so very glad for you two. I know it’s been a long time coming. Here’s to a healthy, happy pregnancy. Love you guys.


  3. Omigosh why does this tug at my heart strings?! I don’t even know you! 😉 -Tell your friends to contact Shelley at HowDoesShe and I’ll direct them to the shower post. Maybe I can send some hints! 😉 Thanks for commenting. -Shelley

  4. Yippee! I just knew it when I read your post a week or two ago!! I am so excited for you both!! PTL! Yuou will be in our prayers! Much love! Jill

  5. We are so excited for you guys.. When is your due date? We will continue to pray for the three of you… please post pics when available… 🙂 We were blessed by Alexander having something show up in his kidney that they wanted to monitor so we got to have sono pics often… nothing came of the “issue with his kidneys” except lots of pics to see Xander move around while inside… enjoy every moment and sing/ talk to her/him.

    • Hey Dietra-great to hear from you! Thank you for the prayers-I do believe they make a difference! How old is Alexander now-got your Christmas pic-you guys are a cute little family!!! And we don’t know an accurate due date-we go for an u/s on Monday- but the dr thinks somewhere around 8 or 9 wks….hoping for further along as I’ve heard that symptoms get better during the 2nd trimester (fingers crossed).

  6. I love your blog, embarrassed that I haven’t checked it out before. You guys are going to be the best parents ever, you’re just so sweet and have so much to offer! Brightyn was just so excited too (of course Danny is too but he’s not as emotional as Brightyn)! She is demanding a boy! Lots of Love and prayers coming your way, will check up on your blog to see how things are going.


    Auntie Rogina

    • Thank you everybody so much for all the well wishes and your prayers!!!! I know they have made a difference!

    • Gina, thanks for the vote of confidence-sometimes I am really excited and then sometimes overwhelmed! And I’m excited that Brightyn wants a boy-that’s two votes for a boy! (Of course we will be happy either way.) Can’t wait to see you guys!

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