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A Merry Heart


I believe that words have power. Usually I think of strength and positivity or perhaps the negative impact a thought can have as it plays itself over and over in our minds. Serious subject matter.  But a couple of days ago, words brought a smile to my lips and dare I say some much needed laughter to my heart.

Let me start by saying: “I am not a morning person”, followed with “I’ve been waking up the last several weeks between 3:30 and 5 am each morning absolutely starving.” Not just hungry, STARVING! After dragging myself out of bed, through the cold dark house I pour myself a bowl of cereal and then pour myself back into bed. I wake a couple hours later ready to go for another round. By eleven o’clock you’d think I hadn’t seen food in weeks! It’s getting a tad old. I’m running out of ideas for nutritious, filling food to eat!

So when I had this random (or God-sent) memory of a line from a much-loved movie pop into my brain…well, I just couldn’t help but smile. I hope you will too. (It’s my life captured in a fantastic epic movie.) And then I got myself some fruit and a bagel and enjoyed my next meal of the day.

Enjoy the clip!

If you’ve got any nutritious filling food ideas I would LOVE to hear them!Really!

3 thoughts on “A Merry Heart

  1. Good for you! Obeying your body and eating when you are hungry is so important for that sweet little one. I will tell you a few of the things I have for breakfast!

    Alternative bagel w/ Naturally more PB and banana slices w/ a side of turkey sausage for protein

    1 whole egg and 2 egg whites scrambled ( I am not a morning person either so I cook mine in the microwave! Easy and fast ) with a small amount of cheese, salsa and whatever other veggie I have in a flat-out wrap I try to have some fruit with it.

    Steel-cut oats with berries and milk. Still needs more protein so turkey bacon or sausage would be good too.

    Hope that gives you an idea or two. I will try to think of what I do for lunches and post that later! Happy eating!!!!

    • Rachelle, Mmmmm,these are some fabulous ideas! I’m ready to try them all-right now!!! Thanks (=

  2. ahhh! I totally forgot about this clip! I agree that there should be 2nd breakfast and eleven-ese!

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