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Final (Shower) Curtain Call!


OOOOH! PEVA with pockets!

Good-BYE  old nasty shower curtain!!! HE-l-l-o-o, my beautiful PEVA curtain. I’ve been waiting for you! You and I-we’re gonna be fast, close friends! And by close I mean skin to skin! Okay,seriously-enough of that, but if you haven’t replaced your shower curtain recently and your thinkin’ it’s just about time, I urge you to seek out a  PEVA shower curtain liner.

It seems that more and more retailers are getting on board with less chemicals out there. I was pleasantly surprised to find this shower curtain at Wallies, but they still had plenty of the cheaper curtains that give off that “new curtain’ smell and that’s the part that has me concerned. Points for offering options I guess -but how many people just pick the cheapest one they can find? Or how many people really go back and look up the difference and then go back to the store to get the better one? Just about zero my friend.  Sad, because there is a huge difference!

Your typical cheap-o plastic (PVC) shower curtain  releases chemicals that are associated with cancer, and liver and nervous system damage! Not to mention the headaches I’ve experienced after I opened these babies! No thank you! There was/is a curtain (according to the NY Daily News) that releases VOC’s. Now we all have heard a lot about choosing low VOC paint. (One article I read said there are approximately 108 chemicals typically released! Run! Run away! ) Who’d have thunk a shower curtain might require the same consideration! Really?!

Not to panic if you’ve got one hanging up right now-apparently after about a month  the chemical levels are relatively low at that point.  No sense in filling up a landfill unnecessarily, but if you’re in the market for a replacement try a PEVA liner. They are PVC-free, chlorine free and biodegradable! If you just really want to avoid anything that even reminds you of plastic then go for cotton, hemp, or bamboo. At least with these you can throw them in the wash!

***Did I mention the fabulous storage  pockets this curtain has (squeal!) for all those bottles and razors and toys that come sliding off the sides of the tub destined to take out a shin? And in case you’re wondering: The shower curtain holes at the top are reinforced with metal! Whew! That could have been scary!


2 thoughts on “Final (Shower) Curtain Call!

  1. well, when we move, I’ll be switching to the peva shower curtains. Can I get them at Walmart? Also, I can’t wait to see your garden in bloom! Mark says if we can get our house loan by the end of March/mid April then he will help me get mine started. He can remodel and I can garden.

    love ya


    • Yay-I’ve made a convert! And yes you can get them at Walmart-that’s actually where I got this one-they available at a lot more places now-thank goodness! I am SO excited about you maybe getting to garden! Oh, I bet it will be so pretty if it looks anything like the flowers I’ve seen in your current garden!!!

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