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That Springtime Feelin’


There it is! There’s WHAT?! There’s the home of my future garden! DH cleaned out all those huge weeds you can probably see in the background this weekend and what’s left is a beautiful sight for sore, spring thirsty eyes. I can almost see it now: vines laden with warm juicy tomatoes and bright green refreshing lettuce, spinach,kale, swiss chard, and cucumbers. Then over to the left there’s sweet bell peppers, big fat orange carrots and the sweetest onions followed big fat heads of purple cabbage. Mmmmmm, I have spring fever. I have it bad! Today is the first day I’ve stepped outside and the air had that hint of warmth to it. I just stood there for a minute, arms out, head thrown back, eyes closed and soaked it all in. The neighbors probably thought I was nuts, but I didn’t care.

And lest YOU think I’ve lost it pining over a patch of bare dirt, here’s a truly pretty pic of the first flowers at a remote mountain lake in Utah. Can’t you almost feel hear the gentle twittering of birds  and  little insects jumping and humming in the background while a gentle warm breeze caresses your skin? (sigh)  Tell me, what gives you that springtime feeling?

2 thoughts on “That Springtime Feelin’

  1. I am so looking forward to starting my garden as well! Our double blizzards snowfalls from February finally have melted away and I can once again see the garden beds. Now to get planning as this is only my second year.

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