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New Uses for Gift Wrap, Pt. 1


I love gift wrap! Love, love, love it! Good things often come in pretty packages! But there’s also some pretty fabulous ways to use gift wrap for things other than wrapping gifts! Here’s a few that I’ve come up with:

  1. Use it to coordinate a bunch of books on a shelf. No adhesive is necessary if you make the flaps a little longer. Then when you want a new look it’s as easy as tracing the “templates” onto the new paper.
  2. Use it with some ModPodge to cover just about anything. Here I used it on an old ugly 3-ring binder and a box of checks. If you must pay bills why not have something pretty to look at?

    Litlle bit of measuring, cutting and modpodge. Goodbye boring!

  3. Frame it. A large frame allows a pretty print to be shown off.

    A group of coordinating ones could provide a little eye candy like I did with these scrapbook papers.

  4. Or use it as mat board when framing pictures. Way more interesting than just your typical mat.
  5. Wrap empty shoe boxes with it. Add a tag and you’ve got yourself some cheap organization.
  6. Make labels to coordinate with just about any project you’ve got. Here I used it in my closet for a little laundry organization.

    A five minute project to help family members keep things straight and presorted for laundry day.

  7. Make notebook dividers with it. Take paperboard (i.e. an empty cereal box, cracker box, etc.), cut paper to fit, followed by a thin coat of modpodge, and trim as needed. Punch holes for the binder rings. Use alphabet stickers or marker for labeling.
  8. Make bookmarks out of them. Take the leftover paperboard from idea seven and use it to make sturdy, pretty bookmarks. Same procedure as in step 7. Punch a whole on one end and thread some ribbon through for a little extra flair. Try using stickers/letters or even special edged scissors for fun.

    I like making some bookmarks extra long-they're great to use with magazines!

  9. Use it to cover an old beat up closet door for coordination with the rest of your room. I haven’t done this yet myself (we’re renters), but I think it could be pretty easy and fast and make a big impact in a room.
  10. Use it to line drawers like they did over at Young House Love.  Now this is taking things to a whole new (beautiful) level!

Stay tuned for more ways to use wrapping paper and gift bags-including reusing/recycling them-tryin’ do my part for the planet, ya know?


2 thoughts on “New Uses for Gift Wrap, Pt. 1

  1. Great ideas! Thanks for the comprehensive list.

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