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Earth Hour 2010

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There are times when I write a post and I think to myself: “Hmm…does this particular thing matter only to me or would someone else find this of importance or interest?” I honestly can’t say I know the answer I guess. We all have different interests and that’s one of the things I think makes the world so great! It’s full of creative, crazy, amazing people-some blonde, some brunettes, some short, some tall, some can run really fast, some talk really fast-but in the end we’re all just people living here on this planet going about our daily lives. And I’d like to think that makes us all interested in what’s going on with the Earth.

Speaking for myself at least it seems like life will just  go on as it always has. Sure I recycle and I unplug unused electronics. I grow a garden so I can have lots of fresh organic produce each summer. I’m even getting ready to try and get a compost bin started (more to come on that soon, promise). I do these things because I’ve heard that we need to be more responsible and take care of our planet or it may not be there for future generations. (For myself at least) I think it’s really easy to feel like these small acts of eco-friendly living don’t make much difference. I feel a little alone out here sometimes.  And sometimes I feel like people are staring at me as if I’ve grown two heads when I start talking about  getting rid of all my paper towels or not using plastic of any sort in the microwave.

If you’ve ever got that feeling or those looks for doing something “green”  then I want to encourage you to join people all over the world-over a billion last year-by  participating  in Earth Hour this Saturday @ 8:30pm local time. To me, it’s a chance to see how my one individual action joins with other’s actions to make a really big impact. Basically, for one hour you don’t turn on any lights at your house. (It’s a very visible sign that many people care about our environment.Whew!)  by participating you’re actively saying there needs to be a change in our environmental practices-that you care about our planet and its future-however extreme or not extreme you imagine it will be. The promotional  video is worth a watch as it shows some really famous places like the Eiffel Tower and Egyptian Pyramids going dark. Pretty awesome to see!

Okay, so what to do with that one hour in the dark? ( I assume the no lights policy includes TV’s and pc monitors too.) Well, I’ve got plans to have candlelight dinner with my husband (ooh-la-la) and then head out and look at the stars for a while. Honestly, when was the last time you really stopped and studied them?


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