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Easter (Egg) Hunt


Easter is my second favorite holiday after Christmas. So why no craft or decorations this year? I actually had a project in mind. It involved these eggs, some coordinating scrapbook paper and some Mod Podge.

It was all planned out in my head. It just didn’t make it down on paper (literally). Perhaps its the running list of  at least a couple dozen baby projects I have swirling madly about in my head. Or perhaps its knowing that next year I’ll have someone to teach about the real meaning of Easter. There will be someone whose eyes I really want to light up with the wonder that is Easter-the celebration of new beginnings in so many ways. And you know, these plain ol’ ordinary undecorated eggs really got me to thinking. Just like the Saviour of the world came in a very simple ordinary looking package something beautiful resulted because there was a design and a plan by our Creator.

And while He could never be outdone I thought you might enjoy some of the really creative designs I’ve seen around the blogosphere by some very talented people.Perhaps they will inspire you for a last-minute craft or like me you just enjoy looking at somethin’ pretty! Happy hunting!

Very  natural & pretty egg decorating from Petite Planet:

Oh so colorful and cute, these eggs decorated with recycled egg shells from Gingerbread Snowflakes:

And these gorgeous decoupaged eggs over at Tater Tots & Jello. (These are really similar to what I had in mind. Alas, she had one key thing I didn’t-motivation!) Love them! There are a slew of other egg ideas on this sight if you’re really into the hunt!

And while I know these aren’t exactly eggs-perhaps they just “hatched” from the kitchen over at Prudent Baby. (I couldn’t resist-you know I love butterflies!)

Here’s hoping you have a wonderful and blessed Easter!


2 thoughts on “Easter (Egg) Hunt

  1. Dear Friends, Happy Easter 2010!!!

  2. The eggs and butterfly goodies look great!

    You just left a question on my blog (Junie Moon) asking if you can post about my butterfly project. There wasn’t any link allowing me to email you directly so I’m leaving my answer here — sure, you’re welcome to do so. Thank you for asking me first, I appreciate it.

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