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Just One Word


Growing. If I used just one word to describe my life right now, it would be “growing”.

Have you ever looked back at times in your life and thought: “That was my awkward stage,” or “Oh, I remember-that was the Summer we drank iced tea and sat out on the porch for hours doing nothing.” Yeah I know, who has time for that these days, right? But it sure does sound nice anyway. Well, I’m currently in a growing, growing, growing stage. Allow me to provide some pictorial examples if you will. (Been thinking of doing a scrapbook album based upon this. What do you think?)

Growing Belly. (i.e. Growing appetite, i.e. “Feed me Seymour!”) Growing Baby. Growing Family.

16 weeks, 4 days and counting!

Growing grocery bill.

Eek! Someone please tell me how to make this one stop!

Growing list of projects to do before said baby arrives.

Is it actually possible to get all this done before the baby arrives? I'm starting to wonder...

Growing seedlings.

Who'd have thought empty toilet paper rolls could come in so handy?

Second year to attempt herbs. This is a leftover organic apple container. Which I found quite ironic-organic apples in a plastic container. At least it was labeled a 1 for recycling, right?

And next weekend we’ll be adding growing baby chicks to the list. They are finally going to get here! (All 15! DH  is very ambitious these days!)

Can't wait to see how our own dogs react to the new chicks! Monitored closely, of course.

I really could continue….growing love for the weather (sunny and warm!), growing appetite for all things fresh and homegrown, growing gray hair (gotta love 30!)…just growing, growing, growing….

What about you? Got a word that just fits your life right now?


3 thoughts on “Just One Word

  1. Who would have thought to use toilet paper rolls for that! I could have been saving them this whole time! And yes that is funny about the apple container! Get used to the growing grocery bill, mine is so scary! However, when you have the little angel, it will recede. Off in the future, you’ll be amazed how you can make alot of your own baby food in a processor, this will definitly help keep the bill in check…Brightyn and I love the belly pic!

    • The toilet paper rolls work really well but they are a bit light weight. Definitely recommend putting as many as possible in a tray with deep sides to keep them sturdy. Our trays we’re a little too shallow and some of the soil spilled out the bottom because the rolls weren’t held down with enough tension. Going to have to get some pointers from you about making homemade baby food later on-sounds like fun!

  2. Forward! That is my one word…look ahead to the new things God is doing…forget the past hurts and grudges(I tend to hold on to them!)…on to Spring and the new life it represents…Forward!

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