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An Easy Eco-Friendly Way to Save on Baby Gear


This is from last years' sale-I would guesstimate it was at least twice as big this time or more!

They call it the Mother Load Sale. They aren’t lyin’ either! Rows and rows of seriously cute gently used baby & children’s clothing, toys, bedding and the whole list of baby gear all gathered in one spot. It was an eco-minded, frugalista’s dream come true let me tell you.

I’ve really been struggling to try to  balance my desire for nothing but the best organic chemical-free items for my baby and what my budget will actually allow. It’s a constant tug-o-war. For instance, I really love these Organic Nursing Covers but I think I could make them for less than $10 using this really easy looking tutorial over at Prudent Baby. The fabric wouldn’t be organic but does it need to be? Will I use this item often enough to make the extra $20-25 worth it?

Or what about organic baby clothing? If you’ve looked at prices lately you know that organic clothing is usually twice if not more for the same item. Yes, you usually do get what you pay for but if it’s not there in the budget, it’s not there in the budget. So, I’m currently working on a list of baby gear items that IMO are worth going ahead and paying top dollar for and other items you might be okay to compromise just a little on.

I also think there has to be other alternative ideas to just organic vs. chemical laden items. So that’s where the Mother Load Sale comes in. I love the idea that if I can’t buy something organic, especially clothing or other fabric covered items  then at least I can buy gently used pieces that have been washed many times and hopefully have some of the original chemicals removed. I like to think of it as one more step between my baby and the dreaded toxins. (Insert ominous sounding music here.) It’s also great because when you think about ‘Reducing, Reusing, & Recycling”  this fits two out of the three categories. Waste is reduced because one man’s trash becomes another man’s treasure. And resources (such as money & materials) are not being wasted but rather reused in a beneficial way for both parties (the seller and the buyer).

So armed with my parents and oldest sister we set out Saturday morning (along with several hundred other women) to find ourselves some good deals to outfit the baby on the cheap-nothing like making your dollar stretch as far as it will go-Oh, I love it! Here’s some of our finds:

Graco Activity Center, very good condition, purchased by Grandma & Grandpa for $25. Brand new retails for ~$65. Savings: $45

Fisher Price Crib Aquariam. Retails for $35, scored for $15. And it works perfectly! Savings: $20

Board book, such a cute story! Retails for $.01 used on Amazon but you have to pay $3.99 for shipping! Scored for $3. Savings: $.99 but not dealing with shipping and no wait is priceless (to me)!

Sweet baby blue knit hat. The cheapest hats I've found on Etsy retail for $10. Scored for $2. Savings $8 (not including shipping.)

Super soft vintage baby blanket. Similar ones retail for ~$30 on Etsy. Scored for $3!!! Probably my favorite find of the day! Savings:~$27

Here's a closeup of the blanket-just in case you were curious.

I also found a couple of items for my ever diminishing wardrobe.

Pretty cotton sundress from Maternity Motherhood. I refuse to give up comfort for style right now. This fits the bill! Very similar dress retails for $25. Scored for $8. Savings $17.

Pink Motherhood Maternity Top. Retails for $15. Scored for $5. Savings $10.

We also found quite a few other items in great condition but that’s way too many pictures to load! And I’m wouldn’t want to bore you to tears or have you dozing off on me! (We go for perky alert smiles around here!) Have a great day (=


6 thoughts on “An Easy Eco-Friendly Way to Save on Baby Gear

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  2. Awesome! A friend’s church had something like this, but I didn’t make it.

    I’m glad you didn’t load all of the photos, not because I was getting bored (I wasn’t!) but because I was getting jealous. LOL

    • Hi, Rachel – Anita here, co-owner of The Mother Load Sale.

      Glad to see that you enjoyed yourself at the sale – and scored some GREAT baby loot to boot! (the blue knit hat was my son’s!) Recycling great kid gear is the ecological and economical way to go for sure!

      We would love to have you and 100 of your closest Mommy friends back at our Fall 2010 Sale on October 16th-17th at Cleveland Middle School (Sat 9am-1pm) Sunday (12-2pm).

      OH – and if you want to get a jump on the BEST STUFF, you should sign up to be a seller or (non-selling) volunteer. They get to shop at the exclusive Friday Night PreSale (7-9pm) – BEFORE we open to the public on Saturday!

      Happy shopping, ;} Anita

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  4. Looks like so much fun! I LOVE scoring good deals! I had an activity center very similar to the one you bought and I had the exact same crib aquarium. my kiddos loved both! Plus I love that you found some really cute dresses for yourself. You deserve some pampering yourself!

    Wish I were there!


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