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Happy Earth Day!

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Wow, it’s Earth Day! The first thought that comes to my mind is planting a tree. It just seems so elemental somehow. But the truth is there are lots of ways to celebrate Earth Day. I think the point is just to take the time and realize how valuable our planet is. When you think about how everything just works so well together And then when you stop and realize that not only is the Earth functional in keeping us alive, but it’s also beautiful! Really, what a gift!  And what better way to show appreciation for a gift than to say thank you.To maybe find a small way to give back.

My original plans involved hitching a ride with my husband in to his work today and then pick up a darling little sapling and get it in the ground before sunset. Well, THAT didn’t work out. So, I’ve decided instead to repot a rosebush I was recently given as a gift. I’ve never grown roses before and honestly don’t have a clue what they really need to thrive. So I’m going to take some time today to educate myself on how to try to not kill this pretty little pink flowering bush because although it wasn’t my first choice I do think every plant has its purpose. A rosebush is still a plant that provides oxygen just like that little tree I had in mind. Not to mention it really is quite pretty!

If you’re just not the gardening type I’ve thought of a couple other ideas that seem just as important to me to honor the gift we have in this planet we call home.

  • Think of one not so earth friendly habit you have and then how you could improve it in the next week. Go through the steps, find ways to make it practical. Earth Day is great but there are 364 other days a year that count too. Maybe it involves buying a few reusable hand towels to try to use less paper towels. Maybe its making a sticky note to turn the water off while you brush your teeth or wash your face. Or maybe adding a timer on your next shopping list to help you take shorter showers. Whatever your goal is-big or small-it all counts!
  • With May just around the corner that means Mother’s Day gifts, graduation gifts, and gifts for  birthdays and weddings too! Instead of just your usual go-to gift why not look for earth-friendly gifts. Maybe it could become your new go-to gift. I have to tell you about this great link to some earth-friendly vendors I found on Etsy. Beth over at Petite Planet recently shared it with her readers. I find it rather difficult to find a group of crafters that are eco-focused so that basically I can shop without worry. If you’re interested, here is the link. They’re offering all sorts of discounts, some through today others through the 29th.
  • Join the National Arbor Day Foundation. National Arbor Day is actually coming up on April 30th. When you join your membership pays for 10 FREE trees! Yes, they are small trees, but really how can you complain about them-it only costs $10! Cheap, cheap, cheap! Now you’re not just planting one tree-you’re planting multiple (= Oh and if you don’t want the hassle of planting them-they will donate your trees and have them planted for you-so easy!

Got any more ideas? What are you doing for Earth Day today?


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