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Goodbye Toilet Paper. Hello…family cloth?


OMG! Somebody went there! They went and they used a piece of reusable cloth (officially known as a family cloth)  instead of using disposable TP! And it wasn’t me ladies and gentleman. But apparently, this practice is becoming more and more common. There is apparently even an annual challenge held by the Crunchy Chicken blogger to try out cloth TP for a week. (I will advise you that her language/topics are not always G rated though in case that kind of thing concerns you.)

To explain further, the family cloth is  named such to avoid confusion with cloth baby wipes and “mother cloths” and the like. Basically it just means that a reusable/washable material such as a t-shirt is cut into strips and stacked near the toilet. It’s then collected in a covered wastebasket next to the toilet. Some people use it all the time, while others continue to use disposable in certain “messy instances.” I will not give further explanation on that. I’m sure you can use your imagination just fine (=

To be fair there are other alternative ideas worth considering. The first and probably the easiest (including convenience & no ick factor) would be to switch to recycled toilet paper. Reputed to be only a few cents more than typical name brand TP but also not as soft. If you use the cheaper store brand/value brands then I’m afraid the jump in price might give you sticker shock but I bet their wouldn’t be as big a difference in softness. There’s also the bidet, rather popular in Europe-who only use about half the TP than most Americans do btw. (The average American uses over 50 pounds of TP per year! That’s quite a bit if you think about how light toilet paper rolls are!)  There’s also what is known as a washlet,like this one from Toto. Basically its just a toilet seat that you add to your current toilet but it’s got some interesting features.

The Toto Washlet.

To be honest, this is one topic I really hadn’t planned on even bringing up. I feel like I’m pushing the envelope already in some ways. But then I came across this post over on Apartment Therapy: Re-nest and I just knew I had to say something and get people opinions on this! My first instinct is to just say no.Leave me to my normal TP habit.  But I read an interesting comment posted by one reader of Apartment Therapy. They said that the concept of using disposable TP is actually considered antiquated in some parts of the world and that bidets and the like are actually considered more sanitary and are able to give you that fresh feeling. Hmmm…. could America actually be behind the times (pun intended)?

Would love it if you shared your thoughts-but also understand if you don’t. It IS  rather personal choice I suppose.

3 thoughts on “Goodbye Toilet Paper. Hello…family cloth?

  1. I keep considering implementing this at my house. Of course, I wouldn’t expect my husband to join in, and I would likely only use the cloth for #1. I wanted to chime in, also, that the “covered wastebasket” is usually a covered bucket with water in it, similar to how people store used diapers before they’re cleaned. The water contains any smells until wash time.

    Logically, it kind of seems like a no-brainer for me. We don’t use paper napkins or paper towels at home anymore. I even blow my nose in a cloth when I’m sick. But it will take a leap to adjust. The more bloggers I hear mention it, the more I am inclined to at least give it a try. Thanks for “going there!”

  2. Well! jk 😉 Actually, as we speak I have a pile of mommy clothes all cut out and ready to sew. It is definitely a personal decision, one to which I’ve given passing thought to. However, I’m no where near ready to go that far. The mommy clothes were a recent decision, but the other….. very interesting topic! It amazes me that we were thinking along the same lines though. I first heard about both kinds of clothes on the HillbillyHousewife site at Anyone interested can check it out for more info.


  3. the bidet thing has always interested me, but don’t see it happening anytime soon. There are no words to describe how disgusted by the Family Cloth thing I am! EWWWW! I can’t even let my brain go there!

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