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A day of Surprises


I am just so excited that I had to share the news! We’re having a girl! Well “most probably” was all the ultrasound tech would say but she pointed out why she thinks the baby is a girl-seemed pretty specific reasons to me.  But I will say we’re keeping 2 or 3 boy names on the back burner-you know, just in case God decides to surprise us. I do think He likes to do that sometimes-just being pregnant right now was a HUGE surprise.

With that said, the first thing we did after finding out (after having lunch, that is) was to go out and buy something girlie. Here’s a couple of the fabrics that we found. DH was so involved. I appreciate the interest and opinions he’s giving out. It’s just so much more fun when somebody else is excited too!

These are set to become bibs! Stay tuned for the finished product sometime soon.

I was a little surprised that we didn’t walk out with any pink though! Of course after leaving Joann’s we did have to take a peak next door at Savers.

Pink PJ's and and USED ORGANIC onesie! For 99 cents!!! Now that is a rare & surprising find in my book!

Definitely found some pink over there and apparently we have high hopes for a good sleeper since we walked out with 2 more sleepers in addition to the 3 we already had. I keep imagining this blissful scene where I get like 6 hours in a row and I arise well-rested and go to my darling unfussy absolutely peaceful little child. Now that would be surprising-from all I’ve been told about babies. But one can dream right?!


2 thoughts on “A day of Surprises

  1. I love the fabric and since the tech kind of left the gender door open then i think your on the right track. I love that you found organic used baby clothes…

  2. Very cute!! You know about the sleeping…DS didn’t but DD did. So dream on and maybe you’ll be pleasantly surprised. I hope so! Buying girl clothes is so much fun. They make the cutest things. I’ll keep my eye out for organic baby wear for you. Ebay here I come!!


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