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How to Grow Your Own Body Sponge

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I have to admit it. Blog jumping is one of my favorite things to do these days. Why? Well, first because there are lots of fantastic ideas out there that people are willing to share copyright free, and second because sometimes I just need to sit down and take a break but my brain is still going at lightning speed. So, it was during one of these treks around the blogosphere that I found out that you can actually grow your own bath loofah (also spelled luffa) from seeds. One of the contributors over at GroovyGreen wrote  a couple of posts on this a couple of years ago with some great pics.

But I thought all those body loofahs came from the ocean you might be saying? That’s what I thought. But, nope! Actually they are a vegetable  that can grow in your garden each year. Technically they are a gourd and grow as a vine and are reputed to have pretty yellow flowers on them all summer. Hmmm…beauty and functionality? Now that’s my kind of style! I’m just ordering mine today and am  hoping we have a long enough growing season here to be able to harvest them. They require 110 days of growing time and then are picked after the first frost gets them.  You can start them indoors first to get a head start  but I think most people are beyond that point for this year. (Note to self for next year, definitely.)

Its seems that more and more DH and I have been discussing how to live a more sustainable life. One free from dependence on money and the mercy of what someone wants to charge us for a product. For me, this would just be one more thing I could do for myself. These work great as exfoliators in the shower but you could also use them for scrubbing dishes or to clean the house. I always end up forking over $3 or $4 for those blue and green sponges because they clean pots so well.  Maybe now I won’t have to. It’s a little thing I suppose, but I could take that money and spend it one something else like an outfit or two for my baby girl or a couple of loaves of bread or heck even just a treat that I might otherwise not buy for myself.

I found this photo at Simple Green Food Coop where someone had grown the luffas on a fence. Perhaps for a little more privacy? Or what about next to a house for a little cooling effect in the hot summer months?

To get started outdoors, find a warm location with lots of sun where a trellis can be erected. Then get those babies into the ground and grow them like any other vegetable-with water, love, and lots of obsessing. After the first frost attacks them, pick the gourds. Peel the skins off and squeeze all the juices and seeds out. (You can save the seeds for next year if you want.) You can leave the sponges whole or slice them up into baby sponges and give them away as gifts. I think these would be great for Christmas gifts accompanied by your own handmade soaps. Which is on my to do list by the way. I was just getting ready to start experimenting with soap making when I found out we were pregnant. So if you know me offline then I promise I’m NOT commenting on your personal hygiene when you start getting soaps and loofahs for gifts. It’s just me trying to live a more sustainable life while satisfying my need to be creative-you know me….xoxo (=



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