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Why I love Being a Mother (So Far)


Happy Mother’s Day! Whether you are a mother yourself or just thankful for your own mom in your life, I hope you have a great weekend surrounded with those you love the most in this world.

And while I have yet to change a dirty diaper, wipe a snot filled nose or comfort my crying child I have already found quite a few reasons to love being a mother (to-be).

  1. I finally get to stand up in church when the minister asks all Mom’s to stand for a round of applause. Seriously, this can be pretty tough thing to sit through if you wish with all your heart to be a mom and you aren’t.
  2. Catching up with old friends. I hear from people I haven’t talked to in a very long time because they hear I’m pregnant and are sending their well wishes. It’s always nice to know you are in people’s thoughts even if you don’t see or talk with them on a regular basis. I know that when my heart is full I can then give that love out to others and to my child.
  3. Food. I have never enjoyed eating so much in my life. Hearty soups, refreshing salads, deliciously cold chocolate ice cream, buttery bread-you name it and I probably enjoy eating it right now.
  4. Naps & the ability to fall asleep in less than 2 minutes. I’ve been told to take advantage of this one while I can by almost every mom I know. I’m doing my best! There is definitely something to be said for being able to fall asleep whenever and wherever I need to.
  5. No guilt weight gain. It’s a relief to not feel guilty or condemned when I look in the mirror and see I’ve gotten rounder in the tummy area. Gaining (reasonable) weight is finally considered appropriate. Woohoo!
  6. Awesome cleavage! Need I say more?
  7. Knowing that even if nobody else ever thought I should be a mom, God did. His approval is the ultimate blessing.
  8. Baby clothes, baby shoes, baby hats, baby girl headbands & bows, baby socks, onesies, darling diaper covers….I could go on and on with this one (=
  9. Discovering a new role, a new part of me.
  10. Feeling those little but powerful kicks  in my tummy from my baby girl. The anticipation of meeting this little one is growing all the time. Her kicks are a physical reminder of the adventure that is just around the corner. Hope you’ll stay tuned for that one-should be interesting.

So that’s my top ten right now but the longer I’m pregnant the more I find to love and the bigger my heart grows.  Have you seen the Grinch that Stole Christmas? You know the part where his heart grows 3 sizes and busts out of its little cage? That’s me these days. My cup runneth over!  I know, sappy, sappy, sappy!

Have a great weekend-xoxo


3 thoughts on “Why I love Being a Mother (So Far)

  1. happy mothers day! you are already a wonderful mom!

  2. Happy Mother’s Day to you too!! It’s a wonderful thing=)


  3. Btw, sent you an email

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