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How to remember your Reusable Shopping Bags


I have a confession to make. Probably 9 times out of 10 time I forget my reusable shopping bags at home. Gasp! I know, in terms of someone trying to live an eco-friendly lifestyle this is not good. So what happens when I’m out? You guessed it- I take home the plastic bags. While I am very good at reusing them as trash can liners and I faithfully return them to those recycling bins located by the entryway of many stores today I definitely could do better. I just feel guilty every time a clerk hands me one and then think of my  unused little bags sitting at home. Don’t get me wrong reusing and recycling them is good. It’s way better than just throwing them in the trash, but I really want to take this to the next level.

One thing that drives me nuts is when I have the means/goods to complete a project or idea and then I fail to implement it for quite sometime. Did I mention that I always have more than one thing going on at once-I’m easily distracted.  I’ve heard that until you think and plan out specific ways to do something it remains just a vague idea. All of that brings me to where I am today. I’m not happy with my plastic bag mountain. And yet, the reusable bags sit, unused.

So I came up with a plan of action to help me get my butt in gear! First, I had to figure out where the problem was. (See paragraph above. Emotional short comings acknowledged. Moving on.) Now onto the practical. When I head out the door, honestly I am not an hour ahead mentally seeing the cashier hand me my purchases. I am thinking, ” Did I grab the list? Do I have my wallet? Sunglasses? It’s bright out there today! Did I grab a small snack in case I get hungry? Are the dogs put up?”  You get the idea. So bags are the last thing on my mind. So how to remember? I think its time for the old reminder note. I’m sure stickies would work-at least until they lost their stickiness. So when I came across an idea during one of my recent blog surfings-I told you about my new obsession right?-I knew I had to try it. I am not afraid to admit I don’t have the world’s best memory. (I think that’s why God gave me a love for organization because otherwise I would be in deep trouble!)

Jennifer, over at Once Upon a Baby, is trying to live a green lifestyle while raising three young kids. She reviewed a product called Bagnesia. The idea of this product is to help you remember your reusable bags. It’s a little kit that contains a shopping bag, produce bags, and…wait for it… A door hanger and a steering wheel wrap. Really! Such a great idea, just wish I had thought of it myself.

Since I already have a couple of bags at home I just going to create a door hanger and a steering wheel cover for myself. It’s a good excuse to try out my sewing skills and use my nifty Silhouette machine. Ever seen one of those babies? They are awesome! It was one of my last big purchases before I settled into my future mama role. They are  pricey but they can save you money on gifts and cards if you get creative. How Does She? has hinted that they are going to be giving one of these away this week so keep an eye out if your interested.  They also have some great tutorials to show you some great ways to use it if you’re in the market to just buy one out right. (They do go on sale too.) I really like this tutorial. Was thinking of making a girlie version of it for my little girl’s room. What do you think?

But I digressed. Back to the subject at hand, literally. Another idea I had was to try to make or buy really inexpensive but CUTE reusable bags that way I would be more likely to think about them and carry them proudly. I am such a sucker for a cute bag, ya know?

Tell me, tell me, what ways have you tried to remember your reusable bags? I know there has to be a secret somewhere out there that works!


2 thoughts on “How to remember your Reusable Shopping Bags

  1. do you remember the bag under my car seat from skiing this spring break? the one that I threatened to beat anyone who dared to remove it from under my front car seat? or was that Rodney? Anyway, it’s the only way I remember to bring it into the store! Just unload all your stuff and then IMMEDIATLY put them right back in your car. It’s the only thing that has worked for me.

  2. We use reusable bags called Chico Bags which fold up into a pouch that is part of the bag itself, leaving ti a teeny-tiny 2″x1.5″x1.5″ – amazing. So I keep the bags stores in my purse. When I unload the groceries or new clothes from a store, I fold up the bag and put them right back in my purse where they belong – and that way I can never forget them.

    Best of luck!

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