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Gorilla Gardening

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Gorilla Gardening. I guess its the rebel in me, but I absolutely love this concept. It’s like my own personal way of protesting all the ugliness in the world and proving that it has the potential to be something beautiful. It’s doing something for others knowing that you probably won’t get anything in return except your own personal satisfaction and the knowledge that you’ve made the world a little bit brighter.

If you’ve never heard of it you’re by now you’re probably wondering what in the world I’m talking about. Let me enlighten you, if I may. Gorilla Gardening is a growing concept being adopted worldwide by people tired of seeing sad neglected little patches of land. Often times they are surrounded by lots of concrete, other times its just a little plot of land that once upon a time was maintained and contributed to the aesthetic of the place. Gorilla Gardeners are those people tired of looking at these depressing little spaces and determine to do something about it. Often sneaking quickly into the area and working the soil, getting the plants in the ground and then returning as needed to maintain their new public garden. is a website started by a man named Richard back in 2004. It connects you with others in your area interested in sprucing up your neighborhood/town. You can start your own “dig” or you can find a current dig to join. If you’re interested in meeting up with other like-minded individuals its awesome. But I think you could totally do this yourself with a family member or two, especially if it’s somewhere near your house.

I am very blessed to live out in the country where trees and grass grow wild and abundantly but there is this spot-a row of mailboxes down the road that I’ve got my eye on. Perhaps it could use a bit of color-native species of course.  After all we do go there everyday and no one actually walks behind the mailboxes only in front of them so the flowers could probably grow without getting squashed. Hmmm…I’ll have to post some pics in a few weeks once I get the little seedlings into the ground.

Here’s some before and afters from the GG page just so you can see how fun and pleasing to the eye this could be.

Sorry about the quality of these, here’s some really great “Afters” for a little bit of pleasing eye candy to hopefully make up for it (=

And here’s one more…

Now, go plant something in a totally ugly spot and make it beautiful just like you, you gorgeous reader (=


One thought on “Gorilla Gardening

  1. I’ve never heard of it before, but that’s really cool!! Hmmm, may have to take a stroll around the neighborhood……

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