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Feelin’ It Friday: A Walk on the Water

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I’ve started this post about 10 times. No exaggeration either. Some days I wake up wanting to conquer the world so to speak but feel a little overwhelmed when I think about how to do that. I’ve got a lot of ideas circling round my head right now-plans for the baby’s room, plans to live a greener life (and save money at the same time), plans for eating healthier (starting with dinner tonight), and even just plans for the next few hours ’til DH gets home. Sometimes all these plans cause me to just stall-I freeze up-wanting for things to go so perfectly that in the end things don’t get accomplished. You know how a deer in the headlights just freezes up and the is frequently squashed by an oncoming car? Oh, I so don’t want that to happen to me-in any area of my life. So rather than just go on and on I thought I’d share this video with you. I have so been feelin’ this song. (Thought you might enjoy it to.)

Honestly, I was thinking of just not posting today. I see so many blogs out there with super cute and creative ideas perfectly polished and put together. They are great inspiration, but on days like today I think “Wow! They are so put together? Are they always like that? How do they do it? What is their secret?” It can seem a bit intimidating. Well to me anyways. And then I remembered the thing I love about blogging and fb and myspace and email the most: the connection with others. Not perfection but connection. I think it’s about real life and sharing it with others. Technology is great if it lets us connect with others but not so great if it intimidates us and is just another platform to impress others. So, while I don’t have any projects or happenings to blog about today I thought I would just take a minute to connect and wish you a long beautiful sunny laughter filled weekend. To start you off (and in case my philosophical ramblings have been a bit too much on the serious side) I thought I would share this Geico commercial. Yes, commercials are annoying but sometimes-they just really make you laugh (=


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