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Raising our first Baby Chicks and all that Jazz


Whew! It has been a busy, busy weekend! Have you ever noticed how it seems like there is a period of time when nothing is happening and then bam!  Suddenly there are twenty different things happening and a million more to do? That is the story of my life right now.

On Saturday it finally really felt like summer here. I had my shorts and a tank top on and the breeze was a warm one. Snow is no longer a realistic possibility-thank goodness! So that means its finally time to get out there in the garden-get the tomatoes in the ground and every other vegetable and flower that needs to be sown directly in the ground. For me that means a LOT of planting. I was quite ambitious when I saw all the seed packets there in Lowe’s a few weeks ago. Now I’m wondering if I bit off a bit more than I can chew this year. Reminds me of going to eat at a buffet when your eyes are always bigger than your stomach!

At the same time DH is busy building our chicken coop. We got our little chicks (or pullets, as they are called) a couple of weeks ago. They will be ready to go out soon and the coop is a priority project. So no help from DH with the planting. The chicks are adorable but those little girls are fast! Meaning its up to DH to catch them and get them outside for some sunshine.  Just imagine a 5.5 month preg-o lady squatting and lunging with imagined lightning speed arm reflexes- and all the while trying not to hurt herself or the chicks. It was quite hilarious the first and only time I tried it! And with the weather being so chilly lately they barely got their first couple of days out this weekend. They looked so happy pecking and scratching around on the ground. And of course they we’re intensely guarded obsessively watched by our two fascinated labs.

And to add to all that excitement ,”luck”  brought us not one-but two bull snakes passing through our yard. One was a baby (relatively harmless). The other was a mammoth size creature that I thoroughly wish I had snapped a picture of  DH the snake wrangler proudly holding up before tossing him to the outside of our fence.

Did I tell you about the yummy chocolately marshmallow cookies I made or the two new vegetarian recipes I tried out? MMMM…they turned out pretty good-stay tuned for the recipes on those this week. They passed DH’s test of meatless dishes: seconds requested and no mention of “something’s missing” (i.e. the meat). One he actually requested without prompting to be made again. Ha ha-success!!!!! And it was the one I was least expected too. Go figure!

DH was actually my hero this weekend.  He painted the frame and legs of this previously ugly forest green card table.

Ugh! Depressing color! (Did you know you can remove the top of most card tables with a little help from a drill and an excited labrador assistant?)

I have hated the color since the day we bought it and have refused to use it in my craft room until its somewhat “beautified.” I’m doing a redo of my craft room that I hope to have completed at least in the next couple of weeks. Here’s a sneak peek of the table. (Stay tuned for the full reveal of the table -and the room, of course.)

Sorry about the lighting here-it looks a bit dark or yellowy color but it's actually a pretty celery green.

Busy, busy, busy-buzzzzzzz!!!!!


5 thoughts on “Raising our first Baby Chicks and all that Jazz

  1. OMG! I seriously laughed my butt off picturing you chicken hunting! I would pay money to have pics of that one! Sounds like Joey has his work cut out! Do you remember me killing that huge bull snake when we lived in cotton city? It was sunning himself when I hacked him to death with a scyth looking thing. I thought it was a rattle snake…dad said “poor snake, he could have helped eat the mice for us!” hey, I was seriously afraid of getting bitten so I took the “him or me” approach!

    • Yes, I was quite thankful no one had a video camera right then! lol! And you made ME laugh with the bull snake story!I don’t remember that but I’m glad it was you that came out standing and not the snake! You’ve get major prop points for facing it down in my book! I would have ran like a weenie!

      • Too funny!! Your chicks are totally cute. Good luck with all the planting. I have what seems like hundreds of little seedlings all over the garage just waiting for the wind to die down so they can be planted without fear of broken necks! I’ve been saving milk jugs to use as little windbreak/ greenhouses but don’t have nearly enough.

        My onions, lettuces and peas have been in for a few weeks and are making sprouts. Wish it was time to harvest already;-) Oh, and the grapes I planted have leaves!! If you haven’t noticed, I’m really excited about growing things!


      • Wow, grapes!!! So awesome-you’ll have to keep me updated on how they do. I’ve never tried growing them before! I feel your excitement for growing stuff. I love being able to go out and gather my fresh healthy food instead of handing over money to a clerk. There is nothing like knowing you paid $1 for what would normally cost you 20 or 30 times that amount in the store (=

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