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Daycationing in Albuquerque

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Hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend! We sure did! DH’s family came up and we spent the weekend with them being tourists in our own town!  As we drove around I saw many american flags flying and it made my heart swell with pride and appreciation thinking of all the sacrifices that our U.S. military men & women have made so that its citizens can enjoy long relaxing weekends like this past one. (insert applause & love to them here)

I got lots of great pictures of our trip to the Botanical Gardens, the Butterfly Pavilion (amazing-butterflies in every color!) and the Albuquerque Aquarium and then I realized……my camera was missing! So disappointed! I thought maybe I had left it on a bench in front of the gardens and checked with lost & found but no luck. Looks like I’m in the market for a new camera. I’ve got an ancient Kodak one that works-but if you think my pictures are not the best so far-wow ,well the Kodak one may have YOU missing my old camera as much as me until I can get a replacement! (= Okay, I’m being dramatic just a tad but I was disappointed not to get to share my pictures with you. My sweet MIL shared her pics with me and so those are what you see posted here. She is a lifesaver!

Aren’t those roses such a beautiful pink color! The gardens we’re filled with dozens of beautiful blooming rose bushes in every color imaginable. And the aroma-OMG!

There are about 15 different types of gardens with the newest being the Sasebo Japanese Garden with this large waterfall. It was a really hot day when we visited and I could have jumped right in if I thought I wouldn’t have hurt myself in the process!

They also had a pretty large heritage farm filled with a grape vineyard, apple orchard, hay field, rows and rows of ripe red strawberries and such. Too bad they wouldn’t let us pick any!!! We also saw a sweet brown-eyed milk cow, some goats and chickens & a couple of horses. DH & and I were of course fascinated with this as we hope to someday have a small farm of our own. Nothing too fancy but just something that allows us to depend on ourselves a bit more and not on the mercy of the price tag to get the things we need & want.

After a pit stop and some very cold ice cream we headed over to the air-conditioned aquarium. It’s a little on the small side but fascinating nonetheless.

I wish I had a shot of the gigantic sea turtle that kept going by or the jellyfish-those always entrance me. I had quotes from “Finding Nemo” going through my head the entire time!

It was a great day, spent with those I love just getting out and seeing the wonderful things of nature. What did you do this weekend?


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