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Bathroom Scale: From Ugly Duckling to Swan


Ever since I got pregnant, me (& the rest of the world) seem to find my weight gain fascinating. Not kidding. For some reason many  people  seem to think what would normally be a major faux pas is suddenly acceptable. I will never get it, nor will I ever get rude people (major pet peeve of mine). But I’m getting sidetracked here. Let’s start again shall we?

DH and I bought ourselves a scale right after we got married. Seems a bit odd now that I think about it. What newlywed couple do you know that buys themselves a scale? Well, anyways, we bought this little guy in what I considered at the time to be a lovely shade of dark forest green. Now, no offense to forest green. I love green and I love the forest but at this point in time I think it should stay there. Truth is, I have a love affair with all colors. I love the way they can play with your emotions-calming you down or revving up your energy. But right now I love bright happy colors. Just like I love positive music and refuse to listen to sad sappy country songs right now. I think both have the ability to affect us in ways we  don’t even realize frequently and I’m determined to love and enjoy life.

So with that in mind, I decided that my bathroom scale needed a little perking up. I figure if I’m going to be standing on this thing at least a few times a week for the next year (first for weight gain and then weight loss) then I might as well give myself something pretty to look at in the process, no?

Whether or not you like the color of the scale I think most would agree this guy needs some freshening up!

Here’s how I did it:

Goodbye old cover!

Step 1. Remove the old cover using a boxcutter/razorblade. Try to keep the old cover in tact if  possible.***

Now, you’ve got yourself a nifty little template to use in making your new cover.

Looking better already!

Step 2. Make sure to clean off any remaining sticky residue/glue using an adhesive residue remover (i.e. Goo Gone). I recommend wearing gloves and working in a well ventilated area as this stuff has a strong smell and contains some not so green-friendly things in it. If you know of an eco friendly product that works just as well-please leave a comment-would love to find one!

No you don't need your eyes checked-sorry! This was the only shot I got of this step for some reason.

Step 3. Trace around your “template” using a fabric friendly marker/pencil (I just used a No 2. pencil) on both the fusible interfacing (less than a yard is needed) and on the wrong side of your chosen fabric.

Step 4. Now cut out your fabric and fusible interfacing following your guidelines you just drew.

Step 5. Place the rough side of your fusible interfacing on top of the wrong side of your fabric and using an iron fuse them together.

Step 6. Place the fused pieces onto wax paper or material of your choosing to protect your work surface. Then use a liquid seam sealant (like Dritz Fray Check) around the edges of the material.Let it dry completely.

Step 7. Brush the right side of your material with two coats of Mod Podge, letting the material dry completely in between coats.

Step 8. After the second coat of Mod Podge is completely dry, flip your material over and apply a coat of Mod Podge to the back of the material as well as on the scale where the material will be placed. I recommend doing this quickly so that neither has time to dry before you place the material right side up onto your scale. Smooth & allow this to dry completely-probably overnight! Follow up with a couple of coats of Mod Podge around the edges to seal them completely! Finally, use an acrylic sealer to “finish” your scale and make the cover more durable!

I’m actually kind of excited to weigh myself tomorrow. Now if only there was a way to make that scale magically transform your weight to the exact amount you’re looking for!!!

*** If you don’t have an old cover to use as a template you can use wax paper and a fingernail to trace the shape of your scale, as per directions in One Yard Wonders. It’s a great book filled with projects like this one. I’m going to be working on a car trash bag and a dog bed cover from there soon.

2 thoughts on “Bathroom Scale: From Ugly Duckling to Swan

  1. I love your pretty scale! Good job!

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