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Upcycling Your Clothing


I promised you some upcycling from fellow bloggers. Here ya go (= Seriously,  these people are really, really creative. They inspired me to take a boring ol’ sports team shirt and at least make it a bit more feminine. What’d ya think?

Stacie from The Creative Crate made this adorable white cardigan from plain ol’ long sleeve tee!

Simply Designing took the simple blue scoop neck top above to a whole new cuteness level! She offers a great tutorial to get you started too.

And check out what Nicole over at House of Huddleston can do with some pretty ugly stuff from Goodwill  and turn them into something really, really cute! Really inspiring! Makes me not want to throw anything away without first trying to see the potential in it! I’m so glad that’s what God does with us-Instead of tossing us out, He sees the potential and turns us into something truly beautiful and unique!

As she said “From Frumpy to Fab.”

And here’s my beginner sports team t-shirt makeover. Not quite as dramatic but its a little better than it was anyways!

Here I am-pregnant belly and all! Once I have had the baby and get my pre-baby body back (determined it will happen) then I am going to cut a slit in the lower back of the tee and tie that in a knot to take away the loosey goosey shape around the waist.

And here’s a close-up of the knotted sleeve and the rough v-neck I added.

2 thoughts on “Upcycling Your Clothing

  1. Creative clothing must run in the family! I have no problem cutting and splicing clothing to make something more to my taste! Especially if I found it on a bargain rack to begin with for a few bucks…you did good!

  2. Very cute! Score one for team Tummy=-) Wow, that brought back memories of cheer days…..

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