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Making Reusable Cloth Napkins


Ever had fresh juicy straight from the grill corn on the cob? You know the one with gobs of dripping sweet butter and the kernels just pop in your mouth? Delish! And messy! Grab me a paper towel-wait make that a reusable cloth napkin-will ya?

Yep, I got my cloth napkins finished. Previously we had just been using some el cheapo washcloths from Wallies and they work great. Utilitarian gets the job done. But I’ve been wanting to make something a bit prettier since I started my quest to ditch the paper towels.  I don’t know, I’ve always had this image in my head that green somehow equates simple no frills, and when I get the chance to prove that just isn’t true-that green living can actually be…well…nicer…well that makes me happy. I love surrounding myself with beautiful things. And I love when that means I’m living a greener life and saving myself some green stuff too.

If you’ve got basic sewing machine skills you can make these too. I consider myself at a beginner skill level.  They are easy I promise. I would say it takes more time to iron the edges , especially with my OCD tendencies to get the edges straight, than it actually takes to sew them.

To make them:

Step 1. Cut your chosen fabric into 14″ x 10.5″ pieces.

Step 2. Lay your fabric wrong side up. Use an iron to carefully fold the edges of the fabric over about 1/4″. Do this on all four sides of your fabric.

3. Then use your iron to fold over another 1/4″ on each of the four sides.

Step 4. Sew the hems into place. Hint: Start sewing about an inch from the edge of the fabric, backstitch, and then go ahead and sew forward. This prevents the fabric from bunching and jamming up the sewing machine since you are working with such a narrow hem.Do this on all four sides of your napkin.

And, voila! Pretty, reusable cloth napkins that add just a bit of fancy to your day!

2 thoughts on “Making Reusable Cloth Napkins

  1. Brightyn and I think these are so cute! Got a question, I am trying to figure out what to drain my fried fish etc. on. Right now I am using paper towels on a plate. That’s really the only time I use papertowels but love to stop doing that. I HATE using and buying paper towels but don’t know what another option would be. I really don’t want to put a grease loaded cloth into the washer…thought about a paperbag turned inside out but God only knows what on them from the grocery products I have had in them…

    • Hmmm….I’m trying to think of another option besides the greasy towel into the washer. That’s actually what we do and haven’t seemed to have any problems with it so far, especially if we drain whatever we fried really well before patting with a towel and use hot water when washing. It does stain the towels and I have a stack that is specifically for soaking up extra grease. I love your thought about using paper grocery sacks-but you’re right about there prob being who knows what on them. Sad)= I’m gonna have to let this swirl around in my head for a while. Would love to hear if you think of something too!

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