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Father’s Day Panic

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As you all know, I’m sure, Father’s Day is this Sunday. Now I always send a card/call my own dad, but this year I’ve got to add Father’s Day to my list of holidays for DH. Yay! I am excited, but also a little stressed. Been trying to think of something  a little bigger than a card since it’s the first Father’s Day he is celebrating without breaking the bank.

My first thought was to make him something to eat. Food-you can’t go wrong with food, right? I saw these fabulous shirt & tie cakes over at Tiepedia.  Aren’t they amazing!

Image Via Tiepedia

and check out this sweater & tie combo…

…but then reality sunk in. I am not a cake decorating artist. Not in any way shape or form.

And then I saw these stylish man toiletry bags (including a great sewing tutorial) from over at Prudent Baby.

But as much as I LOVE this little bag (maybe I should  make one for me), DH is always a bit squeamish about bags not looking manly enough. Seriously, I showed him this diaper bag from Diaper Dude hoping to find something to make him feel comfortable when the occasion arises in the future and even they we’re too girlie!

I also liked these homemade cards and tutorials available over at Martha Stewart.

This one was great to make for my dad, but did not make me think of DH at all. I can’t remember the last time I saw him in a suit & tie. Just not his style-and that’s okay with me. I’m a jeans & t-shirt kind of girl myself.

So what is a “young” momma to be like me to get for a soon to be daddy? Well, I saw these key chains on Etsy by change of Hart.

The airplane one would be perfect, but I knew it wouldn’t get here in time. But it got me to thinking. Since this is the first year we are celebrating Father’s day from wife to husband  I know that he doesn’t have all the typical Father’s day paraphernalia. Why not get him a simple inexpensive key chain like this one from crafty addictions?

I’m sure I can find one even at Wallies. I’ll print a small note inside: “(Already) World’s Best Daddy.” Then when we get that first photo of our little girl he can switch it out with a shot that I’m sure will make him smile.  And while I’m at it, instead of going for a super frosted iced cake that DH is sure to scrape half the frosting off, I think I’ll just make him a simple chocolate cake like the one he requested last week.

And maybe a trip to the local U Pull and Pay. It’s this huge, huge junkyard full of old cars that people can strip usable parts from. Basically, my equivalent to Goodwill or a garage sale. I love the fact that it’s actually an eco-friendly practice. Some of the things he has walked out of there with are in pristine condition but very inexpensive!

Still not sure what kind of card I’m going to make him, but at least I’m 75% of the way prepared for DH’s first Father’s Day. Whew! (Big sigh of relief.)


One thought on “Father’s Day Panic

  1. An idea for you for a compromise diaper bag – find a backpack you both like. Easy to carry around and holds a ton. That’s what we did with Sister. Tell him we said ‘Happy Daddy’s Day” too!


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