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The Newest & Most Unnecessary Product to Date


UGH!!!! Just when I think I’ve seen it all, the marketers come up with something new! Some days I am so…overwhelmed…annoyed…and dare I say, disgusted with the slew of unneccessary products that are thrown at us. Have you seen this commercial?

Really?! I almost have no words to describe what I think of this commercial (but of course what kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t think of something).  After taking a few deep breaths, several things about this commercial are slamming me in the face. If we were to believe the claims (direct and indirect) of this commercial then we should  assume that all towels used in the bathroom are unsanitary unless they are used by one person, one time. Excuse me, but aren’t towels used to dry your hands off AFTER they have been washed and cleaned? And even if there are a few germs  on there, I think we’re all gonna survive. Somehow our ancestors and even myself for the last 30 years have managed to use reusable cloth hand towels in our homes. Perhaps the makers of this product got together with all the antibacterial soap/handgel makers and decided they would give it one more shot in eradicating all germs. Oh, wait that’s not possible-and in fact some germs are even good for you and even necessary. I think they missed those news segments that talked about how there is such a thing as too clean and upsetting the delicate balance of good germs/bad germs.

Another thing that slams me in the face is the lack of concern for how much waste this product would create if everyone used this product. Too bad for Kleenex that there is YouTube out there. Somebody else -I assume an eco-conscious person like us, saw how ironic this product was and questioned just how many of these ‘hand towels’ would be used in place of one or two reusable cloth ones. Here’s the parody below.

And then after you consider the trees that will be unnecessarily used to make this product, then there is the actual process of making these snow white beauties. Did you ever see Eco Trip with David Derothschild? It was a  show featured on the Sundance Channel. It used to be featured on Hulu too. That’s where I saw some of the different episodes. Some of the more die-hard eco gurus knocked it for its mainstream quality but I actually think that’s part of its beauty. There needs to be information out there that reaches the masses, to just get people thinking and I think that’s what this show does.

One particular episode I have in mind was where he explored the process from start to finish on how a paper napkin was made. I have to assume that the process in making these “hand towels” is similar. I wish I had a clip to show you where he went out with some different scientists that study our rivers and they discuss the pollutants that are being dumped into our lakes and rivers by paper mills. Really sad! If you’d like to watch some clips from the different episodes, click here.

I haven’t even brought up the cost of these things! If I’m being honest I can see how these might be appealing if you we’re having a really huge get together and you knew you were going to be using paper towels. Instead of having to rip the paper towels apart you could use these. Okay, maybe. I get that. But this commercial is suggesting that people use these on an everyday regular basis. If we base cost just  upon this commercial I bet the average family would use at least a box a week. A case of 6 boxes sells for ~$20 on Amazon. That would be just over 3 dollars a box. So for a years supply that’s about $175. Do you know how many reusable hand towels you could buy with that much money?!

(Sigh), well I have spoken my piece, I hope, hope, hope, that if you were considering buying this product that you will reconsider. If you really are concerned that too many germs are getting on your hand towels just replenish them  on a daily basis or whatever seems best to you-anything is better than these disposable ones IMO. I actually noticed that some family/friends had paper towel rolls in their bathrooms  and I came up with an eco-friendly solution a while back . Just use a stack of  wash cloths and ask people put the dirty ones  in a hamper located under the bathroom sink. This way if there is a truly legitimate reason for a one time use towel  they are available. Then come wash day toss them in with your regular load of towels. I made up a little sign so people could easily get the idea.

I only have one more terrible, awful thought: What’s next? One time use disposable bath towels?


4 thoughts on “The Newest & Most Unnecessary Product to Date

  1. hey, instead of a one time bath towel, may I suggest a Sham Wow! I made ownself crack up at the thought! What’s even funnier is that I think it would actually do a nice job!

  2. omg… Which is the enemy here? The trash bin or the germs? How do we keep up?

    I say just keep up with the laundry and use the hand towels! The blue bin is ugly anyway… lol

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