Headed towards back to the basics living.

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I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! I did! I spent it with my family. Yes I could have used a very descriptive adjective back there. My family IS wonderful,they ARE loving, they DO give generously and from the heart, they are fun and silly and strong, but trying to pick out just one adjective and label my family with it wouldn’t really do them justice. They are just my family. I don’t know any different, I wouldn’t trade them for anything, and I couldn’t love them more or be more thankful for them if I tried. God has blessed me very much indeed!

And did I mention just how special it was to celebrate my baby girl’s first Christmas? So many special memories, so many times I just looked at her and wanted to cry with contentment. That sweet baby girl sitting over there with her grandma orĀ  an auntie. Her personality is really beginning to show and if possible I love her more everyday. She has woven her way into my heart never to leave.

And yet it is amazing that with all these wonderful blessings there is a drive in myself and I have seen it in others to push on and improve ourselves and our lives. I’ve been working on a list of things I’d like to accomplish for 2011. I didn’t purposely start compiling the list, it’s just sort of gradually been forming itself in my mind. But I think I’ll share that next time though. For now, I am content to just sit around in my new super cute lounge pants (thanks,gina!) and drink some candy cane cocoa and enjoy the snow falling outside. Cheers!