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One Word Wednesday: Still

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“Be still, and know that I am God…” Psalm 46:10

(So I missed posting this yesterday, such is life with a baby I’m learning, but this still resonated with me so I thought I would go ahead and share with you.)

The older I get the more I see tragedy and loss and pain. Sometimes, it can begin to get a little overwhelming. And while I appreciate the movement God has been bringing into my life in so many ways lately, I felt that still small voice speaking to me about stillness last night.

Last night we we’re on our way home after a four day trip to Tucson, AZ to mourn the loss of a wonderful family member. My heart has been so heavy for those closest to him. While in Tucson, we also heard about the shooting that happened there a couple of days before. We actually unintentionally drove right by the place where it happened. There was a stillness there… still. It was such a stark contrast to the busy street we were driving on.

But the drive to Tucson and the drive home were not very still for us. Miles and miles of scenery flashed by, my 3 month old daughter grew weary and sore from her uncomfortable (yet super safe) carseat. To be honest my tushy was sore too. My mind grew weary just thinking about  hurt and loss and I was worn down by the drive. And then when we were almost home, and my daughter needed that one last nursing before our final push to get home, I looked down at her, and  I was reminded of this passage in Psalm 46. “Be still, and know that I am God…” “Okay God, I can do that,” I thought.  I can take this moment and breathe and appreciate it for what it is: Calm, beautiful, and still.

***P.S I just found this website: It’s all about finding your word for 2011 and using that to focus on to make change happen in your life.


One thought on “One Word Wednesday: Still

  1. mmmmm…I can relate to what your saying in different ways I suppose. it is so hard to be still. I will say my word will be “resilient”. I feel like everyday of being back in the work force, being mommy, wife and (firstly) a Christian, I need to be resilient. I say thais as I yawn and my booty refuses to get up off the couch and get on my spin bike….must….get….up……

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