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Pop, pop, pop….Homemade Popcorn


Not too bad after a little sea salt and some melted unsalted butter.

Okay, I know for some people they are probably thinking: “You’re writing a post on homemade Popcorn? That’s easy to do! Why write about that?”

But as someone trying to go from mainstream junk food happy america to real food I’ve never made homemade popcorn. Unless you count the popcorn we made when I was little with the popcorn machine we had. That was years ago. I’ve always found the idea so intimidating for some reason. It seemed hard because  DH and I have eaten microwave popcorn for years. So easy. Unwrap the plastic, unfold the bag, and pop it in the microwave. And besides, what could the harm be with a bunch of corn kernels? (Ha! I forgot I live in America. We even know how to make fruits and vegetables unhealthy. How sad. )

Well, I recently read an article in a newspaper

that I found outside our local Whole Foods Market called Natural Awakenings, that had me thinking I would give HM popcorn a go. To put it simply, some microwave popcorn bags contain a coating called perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA). This is a substance known to cause cancer/and or lung disease in laboratory animals. There is also some controversy on the “butter” used in many microwave popcorns. It is thought that some of these “butters” contain diacetyl, a common food flavoring agent  that can cause lung disease. Scary!

So…..bring on the organic homemade popcorn. I just used the general directions in the article I read about microwave popcorn.

Oh boy!

I’m more of a recipe kind of gal.

Getting ready to heat up my Canola Oil. I used 4 Tbs. of oil and heated on medium heat in a medium size sauce pan.

I know the lids not the right size. I grabbed it in a panic because I forgot to add a lid to start with. Uh oh!

But in the end, it was pretty tasty and pretty inexpensive. A quarter cup of seeds yielded a HUGE bowl or popcorn. And did I mention how easy it was?



2 thoughts on “Pop, pop, pop….Homemade Popcorn

  1. I LOVE homemade popcorn! It is fun to make and so good. We have talked about getting an air-popper but I kinda like the excitement of the lid blowing off of the pot. 🙂 Glad you tried it. (We still use microwave popcorn on occasion but I try to buy the good kind!) I have memories of my grandma making homemade popcorn and then covering it in caramel. Oh my. I think I need to visit my grandma!

  2. I just got a chance to read this today. I am totally going to try and make homemade popcorn. I remember the popcorn popper u referred to. good memories of butter melting all over the popped corn. YUMMY! I have read articles on the store brand popcorn too but just haven’t made the leap yet. I’ll finish the box I have left then make the switch. I think the kids would love to make their own. Thanks for the nudge…

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