Headed towards back to the basics living.



It’s not the destination, but who’s beside you, that matters most.”

So true. Who we surround ourselves has such a big influence. I have to tell you that in the last few months I have really lost my enthusiasm for eating healthy, being green, and just all around trying to do what my conscious tells me is the right thing. Sometimes the reason I start doing something gets fuzzy. I forget why I do the things I do. And when that happens, I slack. I think well, its just one plastic carton or I’m so hungry just give me some chicken or a burger from somewhere. After all no one else seems to really care. Dozens of cars are in the drive thru. Those people are still alive. Does it really matter if I use a paper towel? YES! But it’s so much effort, the whiney voice in my head says.

“Two are better than one…if one falls down, his friend can help him up.”  Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

Thank goodness for sisters. My sister seems to really have the enthusiasm for eating healthy and natural and taking care of herself. It’s inspiring. Her energy has me getting re-motivated. In fact, I am re-watching Food, Inc., as I have time during the day. And I’m looking to start exercising again and looking at healthy natural foods with a renewed sense of purpose. I’m not saying I’ve got myself under control 100% now.  There’s an Arby’s chocolate croissant with my name on it that DH is picking up from the drive thru on his way home from work tonight. BUT, it all counts, right?!

Besides we did make it to the Farmer’s market this weekend. I tried out eggplant for the first time.

And we got some glorious red and orange bell peppers. So love those!

And some farm fresh eggs! Missed those!

So if you’ve been slacking in some area where you used to feel so enthusiastic to see a change in your life, then I encourage you: Go! Go find some friends with common interests and goals. Don’t be a loner. At least not all the time. I’m one myself. I’ve been known to hole up with a good book for hours before I had my daughter. Or to spend hours crafting all by myself, trying to learn to sew. But sometimes you gotta find your ‘peeps ‘ to keep you on track.

Find ways to remotivate yourself. Remember why it was you started something in the first place. Review where you started and how far you’ve come. If you derailed like me lately, that’s okay. Get back up there on the horse. If he ain’t dead, there’s still hope y’all.

Here’s something similar that I’ve been dealing with myself from Miss Mustard Seed. Love her style!


XOXO, Rachel




Life is a journey, not a destination.

(How many times have you heard this? And how many times have you really grasped its meaning?)

I think Oprah used to call it an “aha moment” on her previous show. I believe its also referred to as an epiphany. I was lying next to my now 10 month old daughter while she napped. I lay there staring at the completely blank white walls and trim and doors on our newly leased townhouse thinking  how they needed to be painted (so many colors to choose from, where to start?)and boxes needed unpacked and projects I had already thought of to do for this place, needed started. And then I remembered how I had read that white walls bring clarity. Hmm, could that be why my next thought was “maybe I’ll just live with them for a while, maybe this can be the ‘white walls’ season of my life. Not permanently , I just can’t see that for me, but maybe I’ll just enjoy the giddiness of a blank slate.

Maybe it all doesn’t need to be done NOW.

Maybe there is fun in the picking and choosing of colors.

Maybe there is fun in the searching for that hutch I need in the dining room for more storage.

Maybe I will slowly find the pieces I love and keep for a very long time, instead of buying cheap pieces for function only.

And then my brain really began turning.

Maybe I can really dig into my scrapbook class “Library of Memories” without first unpacking all the boxes.

Maybe I can stop to play with my daughter before the dishes are clean.

Maybe I can write a post without having to catch everyone  who used to read this blog up with the details of my life. Maybe I can just start somewhere. Start here. Just start now.

So I did. And now you know.  I’m back.  To blogging that is. I missed it, but somewhere I let myself “get behind” and never could quite catch up. A lot of things happen like that in my life, and then I impose some rule about needing to do things in their proper order. So then nothing happens. And then I get further behind and so it continues.  Does that ever happen to you?

Movement (my word for 2011) is still very much something that needs to happen in my life. Even though I’ve moved half way across the country, there is still more moving to do. Moving of furniture and things and routines as my baby girl grows.  Its enough to make a girl go crazy if I keep reaching for that  just out of reach place of perfection. I’ve decided it doesn’t exist.

Life just doesn’t stop.

And so I am going to just enjoy the journey and celebrate the movement, however small. I am going to figure out what is enough to make me feel satisfied that I have indeed accomplished something, and enjoy life. I leave you with a quote from my Library of Memories scrapbooking class I’m taking right now:

“Not declaring satisfaction or “enoughness” is underneath all the shoulds and have tos and draining comparisons that are exhausting you.”   -Jennifer Louden

Here’s to making things happen and celebrating ALL the steps you make in the right direction, big or small. It all counts!