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Lavender Love

I love lavender. It’s got that almost minty smell but then there’s something else, another scent mingled with the mint that makes lavender, well, lavender. It’s relaxing and refreshing at the same time. Well, much to my surprise and delight I found out recently that Albuquerque has a lavender farm, Los Poblanos. And not just a lavender farm but an organic farm that grows lavender as well as fresh fruits and veggies, too. So when I read they we’re having a Lavender festival this last weekend, well, you know I had to try and convince DH to go check it out with me. I was a little worried when I asked him about it. I had no idea if it would be worth the effort or not.  I wasn’t sure just how big or small this festival was going to be.  IT WAS HUGE!!! There was so much to see and do.

Lavender fields set aside just for handpicking and taking home with you, mmmm!

Crafters and artists hard at work.

Some great bluegrass/jazz/country background music to enjoy under the shade…

while we sipped our lavender lemonade.

Will have to post a recipe for this, once I find a good one.

It was a little hot and humid,

Monsoon season is coming!

but I found another way to keep me cool as we wandered through the dozens of vendors selling their crafts and home-grown goodies…

…an ice-cold snow cone!

It was wonderful seeing so many people just out and about enjoying all the great things our local growers and crafters have to offer.  Now I just have to work on getting DH to stay with me overnight at their inn. They are reported to have a chef that cooks a scrumptious breakfast from all their organic produce!

Hope you all had a great weekend too! (And to think there is another fun weekend up ahead for our country!)