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The Nest, Part 3-It’s Finished!

Paper sack door wreath. Total Cost: $3. Oh Dollar Tree, how I love thee!

Aaaaahhhhh! (Sweet sigh of contentment.) I have finished the baby bird’s nest-finally! It seemed that every time I thought I was done-I would find one more little thing to do-and then another! But, I think-this time, it’s really done! Just in time too since I’m due in a little under a week. Not that it actually means something mind you. I haven’t seen any sign that this little girl is planning on making an appearance anytime soon. My only comfort is that my midwife has promised the latest I would give birth would be October 3rd. Sounds far away but at least I know by Christmas I will have a new little one to coo over anyways.So without further ado let me show you around her newly completed nest.

The paper sack wreath is really easy-but really time consuming.  If you like keeping your hands busy while you watch TV then this could be the project for you,, While I love the results, it takes a LONG time to do! Want the full how to? Check out this great tutorial over at Maryjanes and Galoshes.


Desk turned changing table. Makes for tons of storage and lots of longevity!

Any guesses on her name??? Please play fair, if you  already know it  don’t give it away-we’re excited to announce it ourselves (= Want to see how I made the subway art? Click here. Interested in a closeup of her clothes hamper? Go here.

Future nursing station. Books & burpcloths.

Talk about easy nursery decor. The picture frame art is just made scrapbooking supplies and the nesting doll was a gift from my aunt & uncle when they lived in Ukraine. The poetry book is a copy of the book my mom had when I was little-I used to love reading it in junior high.


Crib skirt and pillows sewn from Riley Blake fabric. All of the baby girl’s fitted sheets are organic cotton. Yay for no chemicals!

Isn’t this  hand sewn sock monkey awesome?! He was a gift from my cousin Cher-xoxo!

Fabric Rosettes to embellish a pillow.

Quick & Easy Pillow dress-up made from leftover ribbon from another project.

This rocking chair is one of my favorite pieces. I was rocked to sleep in this by my own mother. Now it’s been repainted by DH and I made some coordinating fabric cushions for it.

The nursing stool. You know how much I love words so of course I had to use some good ol’ mod podge to embellish this nursing stool with flower names.

DH sanded, stripped, painted and slaved over this now beautiful chest of drawers. He did such a great job! Love you honey!


And of course her room would not be complete without SEVERAL butterflies! Does this collage look familiar? I blogged about making one of these after I saw this tutorial.


Well I hope you enjoyed the tour! It seemed like it took forever to do but now I think that might be a good thing because at this point…..all we can do is wait…..


xoxo, Rachel



A day of Surprises

I am just so excited that I had to share the news! We’re having a girl! Well “most probably” was all the ultrasound tech would say but she pointed out why she thinks the baby is a girl-seemed pretty specific reasons to me.  But I will say we’re keeping 2 or 3 boy names on the back burner-you know, just in case God decides to surprise us. I do think He likes to do that sometimes-just being pregnant right now was a HUGE surprise.

With that said, the first thing we did after finding out (after having lunch, that is) was to go out and buy something girlie. Here’s a couple of the fabrics that we found. DH was so involved. I appreciate the interest and opinions he’s giving out. It’s just so much more fun when somebody else is excited too!

These are set to become bibs! Stay tuned for the finished product sometime soon.

I was a little surprised that we didn’t walk out with any pink though! Of course after leaving Joann’s we did have to take a peak next door at Savers.

Pink PJ's and and USED ORGANIC onesie! For 99 cents!!! Now that is a rare & surprising find in my book!

Definitely found some pink over there and apparently we have high hopes for a good sleeper since we walked out with 2 more sleepers in addition to the 3 we already had. I keep imagining this blissful scene where I get like 6 hours in a row and I arise well-rested and go to my darling unfussy absolutely peaceful little child. Now that would be surprising-from all I’ve been told about babies. But one can dream right?!