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The Nest, Pt 1

Aren’t they just adorable? DH and I have been anticipating the birth of these little guys for at least a month or so now. Mama and daddy bird diligently built the nest over the course of 2 or 3 weeks and then we noticed they took turns sitting quietly in their newly completed nest watching all our comings and goings with watchful protective eyes. I felt a certain connection to these little birds as they prepared for their coming little one. Finding the best place to care for their little ones, taking time and energy to make sure it was all ready  to go, and then…just waiting for the big day.

Their nest is right outside our bedroom window and I still remember the first morning I heard their weak little chirps. As soon as I got me and the belly out of bed and slid on a pair of flip-flops I quickly (or ask quickly as a pregnant woman can move) headed outside to see the new arrivals. Four tiny little  gray heads and bright orange beaks sure allow for accurate feedings from mom and dad could barely be seen over the tip of the nest. Throughout the next several days mama and daddy bird could be seen making trips back and forth, back and forth. With each trip the little birds chirped and cried for food. It was really sweet actually.The birdies grew and grew til we thought they we’re going to fall out of the nest because it looked so crowded in there.

And then one day…last Friday… I stepped outside and realized how quite the back porch was. The little baby birds had flown the coop. I felt a moment of sadness and though it may sound a little corny-I also felt happy and proud for that little bird family somehow. They had gone from expecting to caring and growing, to moving on to a new phase and new adventures in their lives. It was like watching a two month mini-version of my own life (sniff,sniff).

We actually saw the baby birds and even the daddy bird a few times after that. They we’re just hanging around the yard, testing out their new wings. Perhaps daddy bird was keeping one last watchful eye out to make sure all was well. I’m just so thankful that my own little baby bird won’t be making that first solo flight from the nest for many, many years. In fact I  feel like I’m just now getting that nesting instinct that I’ve heard so much about. I’ve had vague ideas about my baby birds “nest.” But up until a few days ago I just couldn’t picture it. And then I found THE fabric and it all came together in my mind. So I’ve got the fabric all ordered and when it comes in I’ll have pics for you, but until then I thought I’d give you a sneak peek at my inspiration piece for the room.

I guess I’m all about the birdies these days….hope you all  had a great fourth of July weekend!


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Butterflies-Blog Specimen No. 1

I love butterflies. Love them. (But I’m guessing you already knew that based upon the blog name I chose.) Winter is doing its darndest to hang on this year its seems, but I’ve noticed an abundance of springtime ideas around the blogosphere. And you know what that means? Butterfly crafts, butterfly candies & cakes, butterfly pictures, and butterfly stories-especially now that Easter is almost upon us. Oh, I couldn’t be happier! So just thought I’d share this fun craft idea I found over at The Year of Story.

It looks super easy and yet the simplicity of it is what makes it so perfect. Basically its just involves a craft punch, pretty paper, some glue and a frame.  I so want to make this. There’s a butterfly punch at Wallies’ that I’ve had my eye one for a while now. I know just where I would put my paper punch collection of beauties: in my future little girl’s room! Now if only I knew whether it was going to be a little girl or not….hmmm….perhaps I could go ahead and make it and if it turns out to be a little boy then I could somehow find a spot for it in my in-progress craft room…… or maybe I should make two… just in case…