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Loving Everyday: Soak it all in

“Buzzzzz!” I stopped my nightly reading to look up in wonder. Across the room Cooper perked up, his eyes in search of the source of a sound not heard in months.

“Buzzz!” There it was again. A fly-yep you read right-a fly was buzzing around my room in mid-January. It’s been unseasonably warm here the last couple of weeks. I’ve seen birds come out of the wood work and a coyote made it’s way down to our fence line in the early morning hours yipping and wailing and causing a ruckus. And now, a fly was buzzing around my room. (Can you say Spring Fever?) I’ve enjoyed it, it’s that peace that’s needed so desperately after all the merry making at the end of December.

But the weather man says a new batch of storms are coming. Predicted to snow all week. The clouds are a rollin’ in and the recent events of Haiti and some sad news more close to home have me thinking how thankful I am for my life. Life is good, really good most days, and you’ve got to remember to take the little blessings that come everyday, and just soak it all in.
You know, things like winter sunshine with a promise of spring, plenty of room to stretch your legs

and last but not least,

a comfy place to lay your head. So thankful!