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Subway Art for The Nest

Well, the nest is about 95% complete. I have 2 more small projects and then it will be done! Woohoo! I’ve been so anxious to share some of the things we’ve been working on for it, but it seems that we had so many irons in the fire but none of them we’re 100% ready-until now. So I thought I’d start with one of my favorite projects: subway art. I’ve seen it everywhere in the blog world these days. And I’ve got this crazy obsession with words. It’s a match made in Heaven…or something like that. Someday I’m going to do a whole wall-top to bottom- of words. A quote or Bible verse or something. But for now, here’s my own little version of the fabulous subway art I’ve seen out there.

Did I mention that it’s really pretty easy to do?

  • 1. Start with a piece of wood, whatever size you like or have on hand.
  • 2.Paint the whole thing a solid color, or whatever suits your fancy.
  • 3. Then, find a category or theme that you want to go with. As you can see we went with types of birds to go with the theme in DD’s room. If you want some more ideas, check out this great Subway Art party from a couple of weeks ago over at Tatertots and Jello.
  • 4. Finally, you just have to decide if you want to paint the words on, cut them out with a craft cutter, or purchase the letters from a craft or teacher supply store. Ours was made using a Silhouette Craft Cutter. I considered cutting the words from Vinyl but have been having some trouble getting the vinyl to stick to the paint I’ve been using from Lowe’s. Vinyl only seems to stick really well with an extremely smooth surface. So we went with using scrapbook cardstock and Mod Podge. Is there any project that a little Mod Podge can’t help with? I’m considering carrying a little Trial Size  in my purse-you know, just in case. Just kidding, about that last part, but I sure do love the stuff.

    Anyways, if you’re curious what the rest of the nest turned out like, stay tuned. Pictures and posts are going to come at a faster pace now that it’s ready to go. Now if we could just get DD ready to come out and meet the world as easily as 1,2,3….



    Easter (Egg) Hunt

    Easter is my second favorite holiday after Christmas. So why no craft or decorations this year? I actually had a project in mind. It involved these eggs, some coordinating scrapbook paper and some Mod Podge.

    It was all planned out in my head. It just didn’t make it down on paper (literally). Perhaps its the running list of  at least a couple dozen baby projects I have swirling madly about in my head. Or perhaps its knowing that next year I’ll have someone to teach about the real meaning of Easter. There will be someone whose eyes I really want to light up with the wonder that is Easter-the celebration of new beginnings in so many ways. And you know, these plain ol’ ordinary undecorated eggs really got me to thinking. Just like the Saviour of the world came in a very simple ordinary looking package something beautiful resulted because there was a design and a plan by our Creator.

    And while He could never be outdone I thought you might enjoy some of the really creative designs I’ve seen around the blogosphere by some very talented people.Perhaps they will inspire you for a last-minute craft or like me you just enjoy looking at somethin’ pretty! Happy hunting!

    Very  natural & pretty egg decorating from Petite Planet:

    Oh so colorful and cute, these eggs decorated with recycled egg shells from Gingerbread Snowflakes:

    And these gorgeous decoupaged eggs over at Tater Tots & Jello. (These are really similar to what I had in mind. Alas, she had one key thing I didn’t-motivation!) Love them! There are a slew of other egg ideas on this sight if you’re really into the hunt!

    And while I know these aren’t exactly eggs-perhaps they just “hatched” from the kitchen over at Prudent Baby. (I couldn’t resist-you know I love butterflies!)

    Here’s hoping you have a wonderful and blessed Easter!

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    Butterflies-Blog Specimen No. 1

    I love butterflies. Love them. (But I’m guessing you already knew that based upon the blog name I chose.) Winter is doing its darndest to hang on this year its seems, but I’ve noticed an abundance of springtime ideas around the blogosphere. And you know what that means? Butterfly crafts, butterfly candies & cakes, butterfly pictures, and butterfly stories-especially now that Easter is almost upon us. Oh, I couldn’t be happier! So just thought I’d share this fun craft idea I found over at The Year of Story.

    It looks super easy and yet the simplicity of it is what makes it so perfect. Basically its just involves a craft punch, pretty paper, some glue and a frame.  I so want to make this. There’s a butterfly punch at Wallies’ that I’ve had my eye one for a while now. I know just where I would put my paper punch collection of beauties: in my future little girl’s room! Now if only I knew whether it was going to be a little girl or not….hmmm….perhaps I could go ahead and make it and if it turns out to be a little boy then I could somehow find a spot for it in my in-progress craft room…… or maybe I should make two… just in case…

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    Last Minute Valentine’s Day Idea #3: Love Jar

    Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and you don’t have a lot of craft supplies? You don’t consider yourself crafty? Ah ha, this is the Homemade Valentine’s Day gift for you to do. Seriously all you need is a jar with a lid , a piece of paper cut into small strips, a pen and  your heart and you can make a jar of “Love Preserves.” I guarantee that the recipient  you make this for will really love it.  I made one for my now husband a couple of years before we married and he still has it almost 10 years later!

    Get as creative as you want. I made him a new one this year and it includes reasons I think he makes a great husband and will make a great dad.   You could also  make one for your kids and how special they are to you-especially teens, they may not say much but I bet you they would read them when you weren’t around-or make a joint one from you and your kids with reasons you love your husband/their dad.


    Gather your supplies: jar,paper,scissors/cutter,and pen.

    Write your messages on the paper strips.

    Fold and place in jar. Give it a shake.

    Decorate the lid if desired and attach a note with a ribbon or string. Watch for the recipient’s face to light up when they realize what it is.


    Mod Podge Heaven

    So just got my first bottle of Mod Podge a couple of weeks ago. Well, let me tell you-I love it!!! Yes, it’s a little smelly but it’s also vaguely comforting in that it reminds me of using glue and scissors to cut and paste in elementary. Ah, those were the days: when your biggest problem was whether or not your ‘s’ looked like an ‘s’ and not a ‘g.’ Or was that just me? Well, anyhoo, I posted some pics of a cedar chest/storage chest that I just finished up.

    Basically, I just started with a quick light sanding to create a rough surface for the paint to adhere to. I used 320 grit sandpaper since the chest was some type of fiberboard with a thin real wood laminate on top and I didn’t want to strip the poor thing all the way down too far. I had some deep bluish gray paint leftover from a previous project  so I just used that as my base color. Thank goodness it was zero VOC paint so I had all my brain cells left afterwards. (At least until the Mod Podge that is.)  The painting only took me about an hour with about an hour drying time in between coats.

    After that, I took some coordinating scrapbook paper and applied it to the front with some handy dandy Mod Podge. I honestly don’t know if Mod Podge would really be considered green-but it does say it’s non-toxic on the bottle. I have yet to come across anything that is so easy to work with and gives as good a  result. It’s awesome because you can take inexpensive paper or fabric and give things a custom finish. And it’s sooo easy to apply. The key seems to be continous smoothing of any air bubbles that form until its almost dry. I began by using a small paint brush to  paint a thin layer of the modge podge all over the surface I was going to cover.

    Then I put another thin layer on the back of the paper I chose. The two Mod Podged surfaces are put  together, then any air bubbles are smoothed out and finally another thin coat is painted on top of the paper to act as a sealant. Wa-La!  I threw some cheery red pillows on top to give some cushioning as we walk in the door and take off our shoes. It’s a rule I’m still trying to get DH to go along with, but I have to try.  Have you ever thought about all the grody stuff that you track in from outside? But I guess that’s another day,another post.

    ***Would love to hear about /see pics of any furniture redos you’ve done or creative ways you’ve used Mod Podge. I got a lot of my inspiration for this redo from Mod Podge Rocks. It’s a fun blog  filled with tons of ways to use Mod Podge just in case your creatively challenged at the moment. May just have to head on over there myself….