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Last Minute Valentine’s Day Idea #3: Love Jar

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and you don’t have a lot of craft supplies? You don’t consider yourself crafty? Ah ha, this is the Homemade Valentine’s Day gift for you to do. Seriously all you need is a jar with a lid , a piece of paper cut into small strips, a pen and  your heart and you can make a jar of “Love Preserves.” I guarantee that the recipient  you make this for will really love it.  I made one for my now husband a couple of years before we married and he still has it almost 10 years later!

Get as creative as you want. I made him a new one this year and it includes reasons I think he makes a great husband and will make a great dad.   You could also  make one for your kids and how special they are to you-especially teens, they may not say much but I bet you they would read them when you weren’t around-or make a joint one from you and your kids with reasons you love your husband/their dad.


Gather your supplies: jar,paper,scissors/cutter,and pen.

Write your messages on the paper strips.

Fold and place in jar. Give it a shake.

Decorate the lid if desired and attach a note with a ribbon or string. Watch for the recipient’s face to light up when they realize what it is.