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Mod Podge Heaven

So just got my first bottle of Mod Podge a couple of weeks ago. Well, let me tell you-I love it!!! Yes, it’s a little smelly but it’s also vaguely comforting in that it reminds me of using glue and scissors to cut and paste in elementary. Ah, those were the days: when your biggest problem was whether or not your ‘s’ looked like an ‘s’ and not a ‘g.’ Or was that just me? Well, anyhoo, I posted some pics of a cedar chest/storage chest that I just finished up.

Basically, I just started with a quick light sanding to create a rough surface for the paint to adhere to. I used 320 grit sandpaper since the chest was some type of fiberboard with a thin real wood laminate on top and I didn’t want to strip the poor thing all the way down too far. I had some deep bluish gray paint leftover from a previous project  so I just used that as my base color. Thank goodness it was zero VOC paint so I had all my brain cells left afterwards. (At least until the Mod Podge that is.)  The painting only took me about an hour with about an hour drying time in between coats.

After that, I took some coordinating scrapbook paper and applied it to the front with some handy dandy Mod Podge. I honestly don’t know if Mod Podge would really be considered green-but it does say it’s non-toxic on the bottle. I have yet to come across anything that is so easy to work with and gives as good a  result. It’s awesome because you can take inexpensive paper or fabric and give things a custom finish. And it’s sooo easy to apply. The key seems to be continous smoothing of any air bubbles that form until its almost dry. I began by using a small paint brush to  paint a thin layer of the modge podge all over the surface I was going to cover.

Then I put another thin layer on the back of the paper I chose. The two Mod Podged surfaces are put  together, then any air bubbles are smoothed out and finally another thin coat is painted on top of the paper to act as a sealant. Wa-La!  I threw some cheery red pillows on top to give some cushioning as we walk in the door and take off our shoes. It’s a rule I’m still trying to get DH to go along with, but I have to try.  Have you ever thought about all the grody stuff that you track in from outside? But I guess that’s another day,another post.

***Would love to hear about /see pics of any furniture redos you’ve done or creative ways you’ve used Mod Podge. I got a lot of my inspiration for this redo from Mod Podge Rocks. It’s a fun blog  filled with tons of ways to use Mod Podge just in case your creatively challenged at the moment. May just have to head on over there myself….