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Butterflies-Blog Specimen No. 2

Well, so far I’ve counted three super-dainty pure white butterflies flitting around our yard.¬† I’ve been trying to snap a picture of them to share with you but inevitably as soon as I put my camera down, one will just flutter on by and is gone in a heartbeat! (That’s alright though,I’ve got all summer!) I just love watching them dance around each other. I once read that if you could hear the sound a butterfly makes while flying, you would hear giggling and laughter much like children at play! Seems fitting somehow.

And while I unfortunately don’t have a pic of the most recent ones seen around my house, I do have a picture of this really cute butterfly craft from Junie Moon. These could be made just to celebrate spring with your kids or you could create one, like Junie Moon did, in honor of an exhibition at the Houston Holocaust Museum. It’s scheduled to debut in Spring 2013 to remember the children who died during the holocaust. There are to be 1.5 million put on display. Wow! Can you imagine! That is so many! I’m sure it will be beautiful! And then when you think about how they represent real people! I know it seems sad! I don’t like to write about sad things-butterflies seem happy-I think that’s why I like the idea though. Children always seem so happy and carefree like butterflies. It seems like a happy beautiful way to remember something that could be really depressing! ( I do hope your still smiling-right?!)

According the museum’s website they have collected approximately 400,000 so far and are still accepting submissions until June 30, 2012. The submissions can come from individuals as well as organizations. I’m thinking about sending in one myself to honor part of my family heritage. If you’re looking for an idea to get you started, this tutorial provided by Junie Moon might make a good starting point and then you could put your own spin on it. I just love how it’s layer upon layer of butterflies-overall butterfly shape, butterfly patterned paper and butterfly cutouts in its wings. For crafts in general, you could probably take this idea and create a flower-overall flower shape, flower print and then flower cutouts too-or what about¬† a piece of fruit, or animals? The possibilities are endless really. Hmmm, think I’m going to have to get crafting-my fingers are starting to twitch!