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Living Green AND Eating Well: ‘Food,Inc.’ provides` Food for Thought

This last Thursday DH and I sat down for dinner and what do you think I put on for us to watch? A romantic comedy sure to inspire love? A dark suspense thriller destined for heart pounding with  DH doing his best to scare me at opportune moments? No, those seem rather predictable at the moment. Yours truly, put on a rather shocking and eye-opening documentary that caused spoonfuls of food to stop mid-air.

Food, Inc. showcases the not so glorious path your food travels before it gets to your plate. The information seems unusually protected. If I am a consumer-and I’m  spending my money-then I think I have the right to ask legitimate questions. I was rather surprised I had not seen more eco-minded blogs discussing this movie-perhaps I just missed the big original release date but I don’t think this type of information every becomes irrelevant. After I viewed the last 20 minutes or so of the film, I am rather hesitant to discuss this movie myself hoping the plug doesn’t get pulled on my fledgling blog barely testing its wings.

BUT there’s a part of me that knows I have to talk about this movie. I can’t urge you to watch it enough! If you think you pretty much know where your food comes from-I challenge you to watch this movie. It was originally released last summer and now you can watch it on DVD-we watched it on instant play through Netflix. There’s also an interesting 20+ minute interview/excerpt of the film on PBS.

Please don’t misunderstand me-this is not about being kind or feeling sorry for an animal (although I do love animals). I’ve never had illusions about the fact that eating an animal means a life has ended. I’m thankful for all the various things animals provide to help sustain us. I’m thankful for all the food on my plate-for nourishing vegetables and delicious fruits. I’m just not sure I’m comfortable with some of the means used to get it there.  You just have to watch the movie for yourself and make your own decision.

I’m not sure really what else to say-I don’t actually see DH and I giving up animals products altogether and growing every single last bit of our food. But I think we both now understand why we keep hearing the phrase: “Eat locally and know where your food comes from by supporting your local farmers and ranchers. Get to know them and how their operations work.”  Believe me, I plan on it!  (I’ll be posting more on this as we work on it.)