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Organic Baby Remedies

After a walking migraine for almost 3 days straight (seriously would not wish this on my worst enemy) I think I can finally see well enough to tell you about this great little article I found recently in the August issue (can you believe I just said August!) of Babytalk magazine. Btw, Babytalk magazine is a free magazine that touts itself as “straight talk for new moms.” That would be me folks.  I would say it’s somewhat similar to American Baby magazine but I feel that the articles are a bit more informative and less commercially/mainstream, which I happen to love.

So trying to be as green a mama as possible, and firmly believing that some of the ways and practices of our ancestors are worth reconsidering, I perked right up when I saw the title “Grandma’s Home Remedies.” I perked up even further when I saw that physicians ( namely the infamous Dr. Robert Sears, author of “HappyBaby: The organic guide to Baby’s first 24 months” and “The Baby Book“) had been consulted for their take on the different remedies and gave the logical explanation behind the remedy. Love! Knowing that if I tried these remedies whenever they might strike in the future that I wouldn’t be exposing my DD to possibly unneccessary chemicals-love, love, love!

***Please note I am not a physician, nor an expert  on treating babies (obviously, I am going to be a new mom). If you decide to try these remedies, you do so at your own risk and the outcomes are your sole responsibility. Okay, now that I’ve protected myself in our sue happy american society, lets move on shall we?

Without further ado, here are a couple of my favorite ideas that I plan on trying if and when they are needed.

“Don’t Hold the Onions.”

  • Concern: Your child has a fever and the next dose of medicine isn’t for a couple more hours.
  • Grandma’s remedy: Cut an onion in half and place each half into one of your child’s socks. Put the socks on your child, with the cut sides against the soles of your baby’s feet. Leave them on for a few hours or until the fever breaks.
  • What the doctor said about this: Onions are part of the allium group so it has anti-inflammatory and other medicinal properties so it makes sense that this could help, and honestly how could it hurt? (Other than the fact that it might stink!)

“Go for the garlic.”

  • Concern: Child is tugging on her ears, and a trip the pediatrician confirms she has an ear infection.
  • Grandma’s remedy: Place a drop of warm garlic oil into the child’s sore ear.
  • What the doctor said about this: He actually recommends this to his patients since the AAP recommends waiting and seeing with so many manufactured antibiotics in order to avoid the child building up a resistance to them. Garlic is actually a natural antibiotic, it helps the infection as well as the pain. Dr. Sears specifically recommends using mullein-garlic oil eardrops as a first line of defense (available at For a baby you place one drop in the ear (2 drops for a toddler) after you warm the bottle under your arm.  Let the oil sit for about a minute or longer if possible and then let it drain out naturally. Repeat 3 x a day until symptoms are gone. Then follow-up with your doctor.

Sounds interesting,huh? Would love to hear if you try these and they work as I assume I won’t have the opportunity for at least a few more months. I doubt I’ll have the guts to actually try them out until my DD is at least a few months old and I’ve gained my “mother legs.”  (And it seems that so many things are not recommended for a newborn’s system that I feel a bit paranoid about trying them too early.) But I am so excited that natural remedies are gaining more spotlight. It just makes sense to me that God would give us things in nature to help us.

Have you tried any other home remedies that worked for you? Would LOVE to hear them!