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The Nest, Part 3-It’s Finished!

Paper sack door wreath. Total Cost: $3. Oh Dollar Tree, how I love thee!

Aaaaahhhhh! (Sweet sigh of contentment.) I have finished the baby bird’s nest-finally! It seemed that every time I thought I was done-I would find one more little thing to do-and then another! But, I think-this time, it’s really done! Just in time too since I’m due in a little under a week. Not that it actually means something mind you. I haven’t seen any sign that this little girl is planning on making an appearance anytime soon. My only comfort is that my midwife has promised the latest I would give birth would be October 3rd. Sounds far away but at least I know by Christmas I will have a new little one to coo over anyways.So without further ado let me show you around her newly completed nest.

The paper sack wreath is really easy-but really time consuming.  If you like keeping your hands busy while you watch TV then this could be the project for you,, While I love the results, it takes a LONG time to do! Want the full how to? Check out this great tutorial over at Maryjanes and Galoshes.


Desk turned changing table. Makes for tons of storage and lots of longevity!

Any guesses on her name??? Please play fair, if you  already know it  don’t give it away-we’re excited to announce it ourselves (= Want to see how I made the subway art? Click here. Interested in a closeup of her clothes hamper? Go here.

Future nursing station. Books & burpcloths.

Talk about easy nursery decor. The picture frame art is just made scrapbooking supplies and the nesting doll was a gift from my aunt & uncle when they lived in Ukraine. The poetry book is a copy of the book my mom had when I was little-I used to love reading it in junior high.


Crib skirt and pillows sewn from Riley Blake fabric. All of the baby girl’s fitted sheets are organic cotton. Yay for no chemicals!

Isn’t this  hand sewn sock monkey awesome?! He was a gift from my cousin Cher-xoxo!

Fabric Rosettes to embellish a pillow.

Quick & Easy Pillow dress-up made from leftover ribbon from another project.

This rocking chair is one of my favorite pieces. I was rocked to sleep in this by my own mother. Now it’s been repainted by DH and I made some coordinating fabric cushions for it.

The nursing stool. You know how much I love words so of course I had to use some good ol’ mod podge to embellish this nursing stool with flower names.

DH sanded, stripped, painted and slaved over this now beautiful chest of drawers. He did such a great job! Love you honey!


And of course her room would not be complete without SEVERAL butterflies! Does this collage look familiar? I blogged about making one of these after I saw this tutorial.


Well I hope you enjoyed the tour! It seemed like it took forever to do but now I think that might be a good thing because at this point…..all we can do is wait…..


xoxo, Rachel


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The Nest-Fabric!!! (Part 2)

Sorry about the shadow I don't know why I keep getting it with my flash-still trying to get used to my new camera! The fabric line is called Bloom & Grow.

Oh, I’m so excited to show you what arrived in my mailbox a couple of days ago! Fabric for the nest! I absolutely love it more in person than I did online! I knew I was taking a bit of a risk in purchasing all of the fabric online-sometimes colors can be off a bit but I figured it would be hard to not like a fabric from Designer Riley Blake. All of her designs are just so cheery and I love how they coordinate but aren’t too matchey-matchey. She’s also got a blog that’s all about fabrics and design and sewing-my current favorite hobby even over scrapbooking at the moment. Which is pretty hard to believe, even to me. I am a major paper collector and now I’m a fabric collector. I’m constantly on the look out for useful fabric scraps that others deem destined for goodwill or the junk pile! My goal  is to not throw out any of our clothes from here on out without first reusing them in some way at least once.

So soft and subtle.

But I digress, back to the fabric at hand! I did splurge a bit on the fabric but I figured my baby girl will only be my baby girl once right? And I am still saving money over purchasing a “complete bedding set” from some of the major retailers like Target or even Walmart. I believe they are usually around $65-$150  give or take quality/style and at minimum include crib skirt, sheet, bumper and a quilt. I’ve been told by numerous people that the bumper is hardly ever left on that the quilt is not needed since family and friends tend to shower you with much more adorable and better quality handmade blankets and quilts. So why would I pay $65-$150 for two or three useful items that I can easily purchase for cheaper separate or just make myself? All the fabric came to about $80 but with that money I can make a crib skirt, crib sheet,  rocking chair cushion cover, bouncer seat cover, dresser skirt, curtains, pillows and possibly have some left to spare. And they will all be custom. I like the idea that no one else will have a room just like hers and it will be made with lots of love from her mama. I am not a talented artist like my sister Rogina who can make these crazy beautiful wall murals, but I am learning to sew, this is my way of putting my mark on my little girls room. Something special for her.

Notice how up close you can tell they are birds, but....

I originally wanted nothing but soft sea glass greens and blues in the nest. But when I found this fabric I knew I wanted to use it. I love how there are many colors in it, some soft and some bright and cheery allowing for lots of versatility. I loved the depth and contrast that the chocolate-brown brought to the scheme. I also love using a mix of patterns because that way if I get tired of one pattern I can just replace that one item and go in a different direction very easily saving me time and money!!!

from far away or at a glance they just look like part of a floral pattern.

Stay tuned for fabric and nest projects as I complete them in the next few weeks! I’ve only got 10 more weeks to go-time to get crackin’!