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Loving Every Day: Sanity Saver-Let it go

So I’m a big reader. I read everything from magazines, books, blogs, emails, billboards…well I guess we all read those. Amid all those words I came across this  fabulous “Permission Slip” in the  January edition of Redbook-so simple and yet when I read it I felt a certain sense of peace come over me. Someone had given me permission to NOT read every single thing that comes across my path. (sigh) “….permission to allow chain emails to die with you. Redbook assumes responsibility for any curse or hex associated with ignoring such emails.”  How freeing! Truth be told I am not a superstitious person and I stopped reading 95% of the chain emails I  receive several years ago (although thankfully most people I know have let them go or at least taken me off that list).

The thought occurred to me though: Why couldn’t this apply a bunch of different areas of life? Why not give yourself permission to not answer every single phone call. Let your voicemail do it’s job now and then. I guarantee you if it’s really important  and you are the only one that can help they’ll leave a message or keep calling back.  It isn’t necessary reply to every text.  Really people aren’t going to know. They cannot see you through air waves and into the text and see you choosing to just not reply. You don’t have to watch Every TV show  just because you recorded it on Tivo or your DVR. Just because the bigger size is a better value doesn’t mean you need to get it. Sometimes spending less money really is more money in your pocket.

I have talked to  and seen so many around me succumb to these types of obligations. I am so guilty myself. But  sometimes you just have to say no. NNNOOOOO!  Try it-you’ll like it! Let…it…go……awwwwww.  And now you’ve got your permission slip and someone (or something) willing to take the responsibility. Woohooo! I just might not  answer my door the next time my house is a mess and no one calls ahead of time. (So sorry, I didn’t hear you-I was in the back room taking my twentieth phone call for the day while checking my email again.)