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Butterflies-Blog Specimen No. 1

I love butterflies. Love them. (But I’m guessing you already knew that based upon the blog name I chose.) Winter is doing its darndest to hang on this year its seems, but I’ve noticed an abundance of springtime ideas around the blogosphere. And you know what that means? Butterfly crafts, butterfly candies & cakes, butterfly pictures, and butterfly stories-especially now that Easter is almost upon us. Oh, I couldn’t be happier! So just thought I’d share this fun craft idea I found over at The Year of Story.

It looks super easy and yet the simplicity of it is what makes it so perfect. Basically its just involves a craft punch, pretty paper, some glue and a frame.  I so want to make this. There’s a butterfly punch at Wallies’ that I’ve had my eye one for a while now. I know just where I would put my paper punch collection of beauties: in my future little girl’s room! Now if only I knew whether it was going to be a little girl or not….hmmm….perhaps I could go ahead and make it and if it turns out to be a little boy then I could somehow find a spot for it in my in-progress craft room…… or maybe I should make two… just in case…


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Unplugged!!! That’s been me for the last week! It wasn’t exactly expected, and I had a few withdrawals at first but honestly, it wasn’t THAT bad! Okay, maybe I should back up just a bit. I just got back from Spring Break vaca with my family. Now I know what you may be thinking. Oh, spring break! I bet they went somewhere warm! Well….not exactly. Although there were a couple of really beautiful sunshine-y days in there. With a day trip to Taos-more pics on the fun shops we found tomorrow! We actually went skiing/snowboarding up in Angelfire, New Mexico. At least everyone else did. I pretty much tagged along for the ride and hung out. Let’s just say I’m by no means and expert skier and probably would have fallen a few-wait, make that MANY times! Skiing and clutzy preg-o woman not a good mix!

I’d like to say that our trip was one last hurrah in the snow for the winter season but alas no luck! We received 8 inches of snow while we were gone and its actually snowing as I’m typing! Can you believe it? Yuck! So I thought I’d share with you a few ideas that I’ve used in the past and am definitely going to implement  this year to get myself  by til the warm weather really sets in. Or if your spring break isn’t  here yet (i.e. Jill) then maybe these ideas will keep you goin’ til then. If you’re lucky enough to be having beautiful weather-I’m so happy for you!!! Please soak some sunshine in for the rest of us! My bones are cold, so cold!

10 Ideas to get and keep that springtime feelin’:

  1. Dream a little dream. Plan a garden. Even if you’ve only got room for one pot out on a patio or a few herbs on a windowsill. Let your imagination go wild. Write down all the plants you want, the supplies you’ll need and where you’re going to put the plants. You’ll be ready when the weather is.
  2. Buy some seeds. Look up the last frost date in your area.  Then go and buy at least one seed packet that you could start now. Herbs are great because they grow year round and can stay on a windowsill all year if you choose.
  3. Find a south-facing window-if not at your house find a building with big tall windows and a great view. Just sit there in the sun and soak it in. Imagine how the landscape will look in a few months.
  4. Find some new body wash. Those that smell like coconut or the “tropics”, turn the heat up in  the shower, maybe throw on some tropical music or “ocean waves” in the background and suds up while imagining that just outside your door the sand and the palm trees beckon.
  5. Try adding just one new decorative item to your house –maybe it’s a new cheery shower curtain or a couch pillow that adds a pop of color. Something that just cheers you up every time you see it. Even if it’s just a candy dish filled with jelly beans or chocolates wrapped in those soft pastel colors.
  6. Get out and go for a walk or a bike ride if the weather allows. Find something-anything-that reminds you of spring and just stop and study it for a minute. Maybe it’s that smidgen of grass eeking its way to the surface. Or maybe it’s those laughing kids you can hear playing in their backyard finally loosed from winters’ confinement. If it’s still below zero outside your house then try finding a museum full of beautiful art & photography showcasing gardens and outdoor scenes.
  7. Change your screen saver. There are dozens and dozens of offerings on line-many free- of beautiful spring images. It will bring a smile to your face every time you turn on your pc. (Here’s a link to a bunch of other links I’ve had a lot of luck with in the past. Hoping they’ll do a spring/summertime round-up soon!)
  8. Declare next weekend as “Spring Break” even if it’s weeks away. Serve up fresh fruits and veggies, make yourself a margarita or fresh-squeezed limeade. Grill if you dare! Crank up the heat (I know it’s not earth friendly but sometimes you gotta live a little) and throw on some shorts, a tank top and some flip-flops. Who knows maybe digging out your summer clothes will help you to see what you need just in time for those fantastic Memorial Day sales.
  9. Which brings up another point: Even if it’s freezing still in your area most stores don’t seem to know it. Go ahead and try on those cute new sundresses and fun t-shirts that are sure to be hitting stores soon. Now you know what you like, you can keep an eye on them and wait for that killer sale.
  10. And last but not least buy some potted flowers. You know those ones they always sell as Easter gets closer and closer and filled with tulips or daffodils. No you didn’t do the work last fall but you can still enjoy the beauty this spring! They should last you just long enough until the real thing gets here!

Here’s to spring! May it come quickly! If you’ve got any ideas that just really make it spring for you I would love to hear them-I can use them all-NO MORE WINTER!