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Upcycling Your Clothing

I promised you some upcycling from fellow bloggers. Here ya go (= Seriously,  these people are really, really creative. They inspired me to take a boring ol’ sports team shirt and at least make it a bit more feminine. What’d ya think?

Stacie from The Creative Crate made this adorable white cardigan from plain ol’ long sleeve tee!

Simply Designing took the simple blue scoop neck top above to a whole new cuteness level! She offers a great tutorial to get you started too.

And check out what Nicole over at House of Huddleston can do with some pretty ugly stuff from Goodwill  and turn them into something really, really cute! Really inspiring! Makes me not want to throw anything away without first trying to see the potential in it! I’m so glad that’s what God does with us-Instead of tossing us out, He sees the potential and turns us into something truly beautiful and unique!

As she said “From Frumpy to Fab.”

And here’s my beginner sports team t-shirt makeover. Not quite as dramatic but its a little better than it was anyways!

Here I am-pregnant belly and all! Once I have had the baby and get my pre-baby body back (determined it will happen) then I am going to cut a slit in the lower back of the tee and tie that in a knot to take away the loosey goosey shape around the waist.

And here’s a close-up of the knotted sleeve and the rough v-neck I added.


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Free DIY Landscaping

As you can see some serious weeding and a little equipment clean up is in order! Eek! I generally try to keep a ship-shape garden but just doesn't happen these days! Good thing the veggies are just as yummy & healthy, eh?

They say when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. My garden kept giving me rocks, so I outlined an impromptu garden path with them. Free. Easy. Fast. (I had this done in about half an hour.) And I think it adds to the whole “charmingly” rustic country garden theme I’m going for here. After all I definitely wasn’t going to get a Japanese Zen garden or a sleek modern look with this fence and the straw (;

Decorating is one of my favorite hobbies. I watch HGTV like some people watch the cooking channel or the sports channels. If there is one thing I’ve learned about decorating its to take whatever you’re working with and run with it. Go big. (Hopefully in a not too cheesy kind of way.) In terms of living an eco-friendly life I would say this translates into taking whatever you already have and making it work for you in a wonderful way. Actually, I think they call that upcycling. Stay tuned  for tomorrow’s post and  I’ll show you some creations by fellow bloggers who have really taken this concept to a stylish new level.

And here’s some pics to update on the garden progress.

Grow my little bean sprouts! Grow!

Purple Cabbage

Pumpkins sprouts for a fall harvest (cross your fingers!)

Cukes in the making.

And since we’re still on Spring/Early Summer here, the lettuce are still growing like champs!

And here it is after a good rinse (done in the garden so as to use the water to its best advantage) ready to eat!

Hope you enjoyed the tour!