Headed towards back to the basics living.


Drumroll Please…..

Oh baby-it’s a baby! A wonderful bouncing, giggling, chubby cheeked little blessing from heaven has found itself headed our way after much ado. And we couldn’t be more excited or more thankful! I had my first ob visit today-it was filled with relief. Relief that everything is going just the way it should be. I don’t remember the last time I was so excited and yet so worried at the same time!

As I write this I find my mind going rather blank, surprisingly. I always thought when the time came I would just be bursting with emotion and words but I find myself rather solemn and just thankful. Thankful for the gift I know I have been given. A gift I wasn’t sure was ever going to grace my doorstep in all honesty. (I’d like to say that having my first child at 30 was exactly how we planned it-but that would be stretching the truth to say the least.) Now that the time is here I just couldn’t be happier-okay, I’m guessing I can be-like say when the little one pops out sometime in the fall and I get to hold him (yes I’ve decided it’s a boy, DH is convinced it’s a girl) or the first time he smiles at me. Aaawwww, I can’t wait!!!!! Where are my kleenex (ahem, my sustainable one-time use hankies)? Yipee!